Wooden Toothbrushing Timer 2 Minute Sand Hour Glass




Wooden Toothbrushing Timer, 2 Minute Sand Hour Glass. Helps children and adults to brush their teeth for the recommended time. An elegant, retro style with German text, ‘Zahnputs Uhr’ which means toothbrushing time. Use this sand timer or hour glass to time your toothbrushing.

How a Wooden Toothbrushing Timer Can Help to Improve Dental Health

Most people don’t brush their teeth for long enough to remove the plaque, clean the gum line and brush the tongue. Dentists recommend at least two minutes or 120 seconds brushing time, two or three times a day. Studies have show that most people spend just 30 seconds brushing their teeth! A study in Pediatric Dental Health Journal, concluded that children, the mean duration of toothbrushing was shorter in 3-5 years of age group (28 seconds) than the 6-8 and 9-11 age groups (35 and 47 seconds respectively). It is clear that these children need adult supervision and a way of lengthening the duration of their toothbrushing.

There are several factors to successful oral care:

The Type of Toothbrush and Toothpaste in Tooth Brushing

We use several different methods to keep toothbrushing interesting and to get a wider range of benefits. You can see 3 types of toothbrush in our Natural Toothbrushing Kit – The boar bristle and wooden toothbrushes, our olive sticks and our miswak tree tooth toothbrushes.
We also use the Soldaey Ionic Toothbrushes – they help to clean where the bristles can’t reach.

The Toothbrushing Technique

The brush should be moved in small circles. The pressure should be neither too hard nor too gentle, but firm (3 Newtons of pressure is ideal!)
Be sure to get around every surface and paying attention to difficult to access areas such as crocked teeth and behind the molars and front teeth.

The Frequency of Brushing the Teeth

Three times a day is better than twice a day.

The Time Spent Brushing the Teeth

Children don’t have well defined notionss of time and neither do adults when they are hurrying! Our wooden toothbrush timer can help them to brush for the right duration.


Our Wooden Toothbrushing Timer is made from sustainably sourced beech wood and glass, as you might have guessed, in Germany.

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One – £10.00, Two £19.00, Three – £28.00


One – £10.00, Two – £19.00, Three – £28.00


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