Wire Fly Swat


A wire fly swat designed to leave less or even no marks on the wall or ceiling. Get them while they are in stock.


Get these ‘no-mess’ wire fly swats while we have them in stock! They will probably be sold out in the summer. These fly swats are designed to kill the flies within the wires rather than squashing them flat against the wall – reducing marks left on the wall. I’d like to say that the flies are hypnotized by all the wires making them easy to kill, but this is not the case, you will still need to master your technique to successfully swat the fly with the first swoop. Do be careful among breakable objects, glass, windows etc.

If you get it right you will kill and trap the fly within the wires and then you will be able to tap the dead fly off. Just to keep the balance in my life,  I have also used the fly swat to rescue both a hornet and a wasp who were lost indoors. I was able to temporarily capture and confuse them until I could release them outdoors.

These fly swats are made from wire, beach wood and they have a metal ferrule.

WARNING Keep the fly swat away from children and pets.


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