Wash Tub, basin made of oak wood, 10 liter


A delightful oak wash tub made of oak staves and steel hoops of 10L capacity. Despite its story book charm, this little wooden tub is fully functional and watertight. Due to is small size, the oak basin will fit in most sinks but do check the measurements first. It is deal for washing up in a Belfast or butler sink, for use in the utility room, wet room, sauna, in spas.

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A delightful oak wash tub made of oak staves and steel hoops. Despite its story book charm, this little wooden tub is fully functional, watertight and built to last. Due to is small size, the oak basin will fit in most sinks but do check the measurements first. It is deal for washing up in a Belfast or butler sink, for use in the utility room, wet room, sauna, in spas.

Why are Wooden Wash Tubs Better than their Plastic or Silicone Counterparts?

Well quite simply with appropriate daily use, a tub made of oak wood will last for years and years. Where plastic and silicone get scratched and harbour germs, wood is sanitary and easy to clean. Wood can even be refinished or repaired if needed.

Where plastic or silcone tubs always seem to split or acquire a hole rendering them useless, the wooden tub will go on and will not add to plastic pollution. The wood  for these basins is grown in a certified sustainable way and biodegrades in a way which supports nature.

These wooden tubs are so beautiful that they add a natural and elegant feel to any room, and they help to transform somewhat mundane tasks such as washing up into a much more enjoyable experience.

Size  and Description of the 10L Wooden Wash Tub

The wash  tub is made of a generous 18 staves which give it a well rounded, shapely circumference. The tub has two ergonomically shaped handles for ease of use. In profile view the tub splays outwards. Overall across all three dimensions, it has beautifully harmonic proportions.

Measurement of the wooden wash tub

The measurements are approximate to 1cm.

The base of the tub, the diameter is 29cm.
At the brim level, the diameter is 33cm.
At the tip of the handles, the diameter is 35cm

The height from base to brim is 21cm
The height from base to the tips of the handles is 31.5cm

The tub should fit in most sinks, but it is really important that you check the dimension of your sink before ordering. You will need about 3cm space in your sink all around the tub for ease so it is best if your sink is 39cm across or greater. Please do check!

Weight of the Oak Tub

The tub as supplied weighs 4kg. You will be using it with upto 10kg of water so you will need to be confident that you can hold and manipulate at least 14kg between two arms before purchasing this tub.

Handling the Wooden Wash Tub

Two of the staves extend upwards to form two shaped handles so that it can be lifted and rotated in an easy grip (thums upwards for me) , even when full of water. The tub can also be inverted on the handles ( I pour away from me) and they assure full drainage of water and drying. If your room is warm and dry, it is best to empty, rinse and wash you tub after use and to keep it with water in it.

How to Use the Wash Tub

Well just pour water in it and use it for washing up, cleaning, in the sauna, wet room etc.

Caring for the Wooden Basin

Do not let the tub dry out because the staves might shrink. So if you wash up once a day, you can empty it completely of water and it shouldn’t dry significantly between uses unless you have a very dry and hot climate. Or, after use keep the tub partly filled with water so that the staves can stay damp.

Cleaning the Wooden Basin

Clean the inside with a mild natural detergent as needed. Hemp Oil Soap is recommended to remove greasy and germy residues and home made Soap Nut Solution for general cleaning.

If the tub is kept with water in it, the tub will need a clean with hemp oil soap once a week whether it has been used or not.




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  • dear sally may I now how to use this correctly I tried again soaking it then using it but its still leaking. thanks

    The best way is to completely fill the bowl with warm water. If it leaks out, leave the tap dripping or top it up manually. Over 24-48 the wood should swell tight. Then just always keep it wet of full of water when not in use.

    Answer by : reeya on Mar 19, 2020 04:38:34 AM