Toothbrush of Wood with natural bristles

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Tooth Brush of Wood with Natural Bristles

This traditional toothbrush of beech wood with natural boar bristles makes tooth brushing truly pleasant. The bristles are soft and yet they seem to grip the tooth surface while cleaning them, quite unlike nylon counterparts and they are ideal for cleaning the gums safely. With two toothbrush sizes, adult and child, everyone can enjoy gentle and effective oral hygiene.⠀⠀

⠀Yes, the whole toothbrush is biodegradable and will not add to plastic pollution, but their main virtue is in the properties of the natural boar bristle used in the head construction.⠀⠀
These bristles feel completely different in the mouth to conventional nylon bristles – they are gentle on the gums and this is so important as the gums are delicate tissues.⠀⠀
The bristles have a much higher degree of friction than nylon bristles and they seem to not just brush, but as it were, drag plaque and biofilm off the teeth.⠀⠀
We have been using these toothbrushes with homemade toothpaste made from our ultra-ventilated green clay (finest grade for tooth brushing) and it is totally delightful!⠀⠀
If you can allow the bristles to dry between use, the brushes will have a longer life. Some people buy 2 at once and use one brush for brushing the teeth in the morning and another brush for brushing the teeth at night, giving the time for the heads to dry between use.⠀⠀


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1 Adult – £8.00, 2 Adult – £15.00, 1 Child – £7.00, 2 x Child – £14.00

3 reviews for Toothbrush of Wood with natural bristles

  1. Susan Barnacle (verified owner)

    I have found my favourite toothbrush! The wooden brush with natural bristles is the best I’ve ever used. It seems a bit stiff when it’s dry, but as soon as it’s wet, it’s soft. It doesn’t hurt my gums and makes my teeth cleaner than any toothbrush I’ve ever used. My teeth are incredibly smooth! It wouldn’t even need toothpaste as the bristles are soft yet somehow grippy, and I’m not pushing hard. I’ve tried so many different toothbrushes and sometimes think I’ve found the one and buy several. They are all sitting unused, this is the one!

  2. Sally Mittuch

    You will probably find that the green clay is better for oral care than rhassoul. Our green clay has had the mica’s removed – the whole clay is blown up a curved tube and the scratchy impurities, the micas, being heavy are left behind. We use green clay purified in this way to make sure there is nothing in there to scratch the teeth. I think the rhassoul could be too abrassive and that you will find the green clay much better!

  3. Gaelle (verified owner)

    Very good, got one for myself and one for my mum. I use miswak 99% of the time, but sometimes enjoy a little conventional brushing. I dip the brush in rhassoul clay and brush gently, works a treat! Super clean teeth. Mum likes hers too.

  4. Tim (verified owner)

    I wish i had discovered these years ago. Gentle on teeth and gums yet so effective at cleaning them. It’s a high quality product, worth the money and they last a long time!

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  • Hello! Thank you very much for your brilliant website and shop. I just wondered where the boar bristles are from and whether they are sustainable and ethical? Thank you and best wishes, Francesca

    The brushes are made in Germany and hog hair production is a traditional German specialty. The manufacurer stresses the sustainability and ethics of their sourcing and I buy them in good faith!

    Answer by : Francesca Edelmann on Sep 14, 2019 06:16:12 AM