Toothbrush, light activated ionic Soladey ion5, Soladey-3 or replacement bristles / heads

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A light activated toothbrush which uses light energy and your saliva to eject plaque off the teeth. Get cleaner teeth and healthier gums without scrubbing with toothpaste.



Alright, I confess this is not a prehistoric product, but this light activated ionic toothbrush cleans the teeth in a unique way using the power of light! It is latest in tooth brushing technology with proven results. The Soladey Ion5 comes complete with a soft bristled head, an extra head and and head protector case and the Soladey-3, comes fitted with a tapered bristle head. So you can start using any of these brushes straight away and take it where ever you go. No batteries, no charger, just the toothbrush which is ready to use. Turn the light, stand by the window or step outside and brush away!

How It Works
A diagram showing how the Soladey Ion5 works

A diagram showing how the Soladey Ion5 works

How it works

The brush contains a solar panel at the end of the handle which charges a semiconductor inside the medical grade steel handle. This charge is fed to the titanium dioxide rod between the handle and the bristles. When exposed to any light source (a fluorescent bathroom light, a light bulb, or sunlight) and water, the titanium rod converts light into negatively-charged ions (electrons). The rod releases these ions and alters the charge on the tooth surface. The strong bond between the bacteria and plaque on the teeth is then electronically broken and deposits are removed from the teeth.

The ions blend with saliva to attract positive (hydrogen) ions from the acid in the dental plaque on your teeth. The acid is then neutralized and plaque is disintegrated – a scientific approach to a cleaner and healthier mouth! Toothpaste is not required as water (saliva) is the acting ingredient – oral hygiene now becomes not only natural, but also economical! For those who find it hard to give up toothpaste, use only very small amount!


  • After wetting the bristles and semiconductor with water (saliva is sufficient outdoors – *see note below) brush all surfaces of your tongue without using toothpaste, and especially first thing in the morning after stomach acids have accumulated from sleeping. Brush from the back of tongue (not in the throat!) to the tip of the tongue. You may see discolouration on the bristles (concentrated bacteria and accumulation of acids), and so make sure you rinse bristles with water repeatedly to remove this film. Once you feel the bristles and tongue are adequately clean then you can work on the tooth surfaces as now there will be less concentration of bacteria in your mouth. Bear in mind that the tongue generally carries most of the mouth’s bacteria! Continue to brush your teeth lightly and thoroughly in the same way as with an ordinary toothbrush. Concentrate on contacting the teeth gently rather than applying force. Unlike a conventional toothbrush, you do not need to brush with force, and so the soft or rubber head will penetrate the spaces in between your teeth more efficiently than a medium head and without splaying. Brushing lightly will also be easier on your gums and help fight gingivitis (gum disease/ receding gums).*Note: Saliva is sufficient for brushing teeth outdoors, but please do clean the bristles at the earliest opportunity.
  • Make certain there is an adequate light source (natural or artificial) necessary to activate the semiconductor. Move close to a direct light source which will illuminate the inside of your mouth.The brighter the source the better the result. But even indoors, if there is enough light to run a solar powered calculator, then there is enough light to activate the solar panel. You will notice that your saliva will foam slightly when the toothbrush is working effectively. If you are using toothpaste use very little as this can foam over the rod and block light from reaching it.
  • Try to brush the teeth for 2-3 minutes each time.
  • Make sure you clean the rod periodically. If you live in an area of hard water then carefully remove the handle from the head and clean the rod with bristles (your old toothbrush or a used head).
  • Remember not to throw the handle and rod away!
  • SAFETY: Make sure you keep the brush head attached to the handle and rod at all times except during replacement or cleaning. Never leave the toothbrush or bare handle and rod near young children or infants!

Replacing The Brush Head

To keep your Soladey toothbrush operating at maximum efficiency, replace the brush head regularly, as often as you would replace a standard toothbrush. We recommend replacement every 3-4 months or when the bristles start to curve outwards. The figure below illustrates the proper method of replacing the brush: Seperation of the soladey toothbrush

Detachment: Pull the head and handle apart along the axis.

Insertion: Insert the head into the handle firmly.

DO NOT twist and/or bend the head and handle during detachment and insertion.

Ion5 with Soft Head Attached, Extra Head (Soft) and Head Protector Travel Case
The Ion5 comes fitted with a soft head, a spare soft head and head protector case to protect the bristles when travelling. They are out of stock until the new production run is complete.

The Soladey-3 with Tapered Head Attached

This model come fitted with a tapered head and it is available in a range of colours: red, orange, blue or purple.

Both of these are designed with the light activated rod at the end of the handle. This means it is not necessary to open the mouth as wide or stand so close to a light source.

Other than this, the IOn5 and Soladey-3 are identical in design.

Replacement Heads

Soladay Ion5 Colours and replacement heads
Soladay Ion5 Colours and replacement heads

Soft Heads

In general, the Soft heads are kinder to the gums as much of the decay in adults take place around the gum line. The gum line needs regular cleaning and the soft heads are gentle enough to clean the delicate gum tissue.

Medium Heads

The Tapered Heads might be the best option if you find teeth difficult to access. The tapered heads are made with medium texture bristles.


  • After use, completely rinse toothpaste that may have adhered to the clear plastic neck of the brush head or the semiconductor.
  • Do not separate the brush from the handle except for the purpose of replacement or cleaning.
  • Never put the semiconductor in the mouth without the brush head.
  • If the semiconductor should become detached, reinsert it into its hole in the handle.
  • Benefits
  • Reduces Bacteria & Plaque

Bacteria in plaque attack food, producing acid. This acid causes bad breath, tooth decay, and gum disease. Normally, saliva neutralizes this action. But when plaque builds up, it acts as a barrier, preventing the neutralizing action of the saliva. According to clinical studies (see menu bar at left), the Soladey can stop this plaque buildup. Working with saliva, the brush controls and reduces the bacteria responsible for plaque.

Reasons For Using SOLADEY

actually reduces bacteria that cause cavities and stops bleeding gums by the natural cleansing action of safe, free electrons emitted from the revolutionary solar conducting rod
TEETH FEEL & LOOK CLEANER AND WHITER through superior cleaning ability, plaque adhesion to your teeth is reduced photoelectronically
TOOTHPASTE IS UNNECESSARY effective plaque removal is possible with or without toothpaste; ordinary light activates the patented semi-conductor rod and cleans your teeth without abrasives
AFFORDABLE & ECONOMICAL with sensible care, the handle and rod will last a lifetime, requiring only inexpensive replaceable heads. The replacement heads provide all the benefits of the
Soladey at a comparable cost of a regular toothbrush.



Q: What is the life of the semiconductor?
A: With proper use, almost indefinitely.

Q: Is the semiconductor safe?
A: Titanium dioxide, the metal from which the rod is made, does not dissolve or corrrode in water, so it is perfectly safe.

Q: Will teeth become yellow if toothpaste is not used?
A: Reflecting the dentin color, healthy teeth are naturally off-white in color. Brushing only with water restores their original color. If you must use toothpaste, only a very small amount is recommended.

Q: Is there any proof of the effectiveness of the Soladey?
A: Clinical literature is available from dental colleges in Japan and Canada. According to studies, toothbrushes with semiconductors have proven to be as effective as plaque removing tools.

Q: Can Soladey be used to clean teeth that are not original such as porcelain-fused metal crowns?
A: Yes, Soladey will effectively reduce plaque and provide an anti-bacterial effect even on modified teeth.

Q: Can Soladey be used with braces or a retainer?
A: Soladey will help neutralise bacteria for those using braces. Brush carefully to avoid damaging the materials on the braces. Remove retainers prior to brushing and make sure the retainers have been cleaned before replacing them in the mouth.

Q: These are plastics can they be recycled?

A: Yes, save the plastic part of the packaging (put the cardboard part in your normal recycling bin), save the used replacement heads, save any toothpaste tubes, caps and boxes, also any battery electric toothbrushes for specialist recycling. We save our for our local Feline Cat Care charity. There is also a program run by Terracycle which also explains how this specialist recycling works.

Clinical studies show that titanium exposed to a light source has an excellent bacterical capacity against Streptococcus mutans, a micro-organism found in the mouth that is particularly related to dental caries.

(Onada et al. photocatalytic bactericidal effect of powdered TiO2 on Streptococcus mutans bateria., Denki Kagaku, 56, 1108-1109, 1988).

In Japan a clinical report on titanium toothbrushes found that dental plaque removal was significant during the early phase of plaque formation and concluded that the brush was effective in the control of plaque.

(Kusonoki et al. A study on the effect of the solar energy toothbrush on the control of dental plaque. J Osaka Odont. Soc., 49; 550-559, 1986).

Another Japanese study concluded that improvements in gingivitis and oral hygiene can be expected by using a toothbrush equipped with a titanium semiconductor.

(Niwa et al. Clinical study on the control of dental plaque using a photo energy conversion toothbrush equipped with a TiO2 semiconductor. Shigaku Vol. 77 No. 2 August 1989).

A clinical study conducted at a Canadian College of Dentistry indicated that removal of plaque – from buccal surfaces especially – was more apparent using the ionic brush than it was using the control brush without semiconductor.

(Hoover et al. Clinical evaluation of a light energy conversion toothbrush. J. Clin. Periodontol. 19: 434-436 1992).

I have got into a new habit of not so much brushing (scrubbing the teeth) which isn’t very good for the gums, but rather moving the brush gently over the teeth and gums. It is the electrical currents in the saliva which do the work, not the scrubbing action.My favourite brush heads are the soft heads and the rubber heads.

The teeth are much cleaner looking in general and this has been especially noticeable on the surfaces between each tooth. I really noticed the difference after I had been using the toothbrush for about three weeks especially on the biting surfaces of the front incisors.

If I have a dry mouth already when I start using the ionic toothbrush, I take a little sip of water into the mouth to encourage more saliva flow.

I generally use these ionic toothbrushes with no toothpaste at all.

Please remember to clean the toothbrush after use, by detaching the head from the brush and rinsing it. Put is back together again for next time. I neglected to do this for some time when brushing with clay and then I found the head difficult to remove. I had to soak the brush in soapy water for a day, before I was able to pull it off without stressing the handle. Please only pull in a straight line axis along the length of the brush. Do not use a twisting action, as it is designed to be pulled off in a straight line.

I also use, a natural boar bristle wooden toothbrush with my homemade green clay toothpaste.

And I use miswak toothbrush sticks, a natural tree root 3-in-1 toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash as it is unparalleled for top gum care and I can take it anywhere with me. Another option is the milder tasting Olive tree toothbrush sticks.
Both of these sticks contain natural plant fluoride which within minutes of use, help with the saliva, to form a new (but temporary) layer of enamel, so they are a great option for people with really sensitive teeth.

We recommend the Radius hand spun silk floss.
and we have another type of silk floss – Dental Lace, which is packed in a glass vial and has a natural mild mint flavour. Refill are available for this brand.

Tooth brushing should never be boring!

If you are interested in natural oral hygiene, then do read my blog on ‘remineralizing the teeth naturally’ and find out what the dentists don’t tell you!

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Additional information

Toothbrush or Head options

Red Soladey-3, Purple Soladey-3, Orange Soladey-3, Blue Soladey-3, Soft Heads x 4, Medium Heads x 4, Tapered Heads x 4

5 reviews for Toothbrush, light activated ionic Soladey ion5, Soladey-3 or replacement bristles / heads

  1. Julie

    Hi, Further to our chat this morning I thought you might like to know that my oral hygeniest, who is really excellent at her job, is amazed that my teeth and gums are in such good condition as I “only” always use an ionic toothbrush with no toothpaste! You can put this in as recommendation if you like! Enjoy the long weekend, Julie

  2. Christine

    I bought a Soladey toothbrush in the summer and have been using it ever since. I\’ve since paid two visits to the dental hygienist (at a private practice so the standard is extremely high) and the lady can not believe how incredibly clean my teeth are. I showed her the brush (which I use without any tooth paste/powder) and she said she\’ll recommend it to all the staff at the practice! I even use it for my dog – with a different brush head, of course! I highly recommend the Soladey toothbrush. So glad I discovered it.

  3. sarah

    I have bought replacement heads from you, having used a Soladay toothbrush for about 10 years. My teeth always feel and are beautifully clean. I have not been to a hygienist for years, no plaque. Unfortunately my dentist just thinks its my teeth and when I tried to explain he wasn’t much interested. Their training doesn’t encourage them to think that there might be any other way..

  4. Jo

    I have been so very pleased with the results gained through using my Ionic Soladay toothbrush, and so too my dentist! It is much gentler on the gum line than an electric or sonic toothbrush, but I would say definately more effective in cleaning, while keeping enamel intact and away from any apparent need for frantic scrubbing! Inflammation has disappeared, to the point where I had to explain to the dentist what I had been using, later sending him photocopies by post, showing information on how the light activation works. No need for toothpaste either… brushing my teeth has become a simplified joy!
    Josephine from Lancashire

  5. Sally

    I am absolutely delighted with the toothbrush and it has exceeded my expectations. I have been troubled by inflamed gums around my back molars despite brushing scrupulously with an electric toothbrush, interdental brushes and using mouthwash. This has been a recurrent problem on and off for the last two years. Within three days of using my new ionic brush all the inflammation has gone. Eileen, London

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  • Hi, just wanting to check whether the replacement heads fit both the ion5 and the Soladey 3. Thanks!

    Yes, all the types of replacement heads fit all of the Soladey brushes.

    Answer by : Naomi on Sep 17, 2019 07:04:24 AM
  • 1. What is the difference between Soladey ion5 and soladey 3? 2. What does the price of £39 include and is the £21 only for one toothbrush , as it is not quite clear ?!! 3. Is the product made in Japan (the original country of this product) or in China?! Thank you!

    Both the Soladey 3 and the Ion5 are the same toothbrush. However the Soladey 3 at £35.00 comes with one medium bristle head attached while the Ion5 at £39.00 comes with a soft head attached and axtra replacement soft head and a little head protector case for travelling. We don't have any stock of Ion5 at the moment. All of the replacement heads will fit all Soladey toothbrush models. The sets of replacement head come with 4 units in a packet and they are £21.00. Everything described above is of genuine Japanese product as you will see from the Japanese script on the packaging! It should make sense now!

    Answer by : Serije on Sep 5, 2019 01:09:26 AM
  • Is the soft heads the rubber soft ones?

    The rubber heads are no longer made. But when they did exist, the rubber heads were on a medium bristle.

    Answer by : Jeff on Mar 22, 2020 10:13:08 AM
  • Hello, Will you be receiving any more stock of Soladey ion5 as I would like this particular model for travelling? Many thanks Parveen

    I'm not holding out too much hope. They haven't been available for a few years now. However, the Soladey-3 is almost identical, except the handle is a tad thinner. The other differences was that the Ion5 had a soft head already mounted and an extra soft head in the packet with a little head protection case. Of course this meant the Ion5 was more expensive. The Soladey-3 is mounted with a medium head. The inner workings of both of these toothbrushes are the same.

    Answer by : Parveen on Apr 27, 2020 05:35:18 AM