A Fresco Showing a Diver. Tomb of the Diver, Paestum 470BCThree Small Silk Fina SpongesSilk Fina, Medium to Largea macho fina spongeHardhead SpongeA Wet Soft Honeycomb Sponge, most luxurious of all the spongesMacho FinaA photo showing the body of the honeycombs sponge - it looks like Swiss cheese!Sea Wool SpongeA Honeycomb SpongeA Honeycomb SpongeA photograph of a hardhead spongeA Photo of a Sea Grass Sponge
The top view of aa 5 inch Silk ina sponge
A Fresco Showing a Diver. Tomb of the Diver, Paestum 470BC
Three Small Silk Fina Sponges
Silk Fina, Medium to Large
a macho fina sponge
Hardhead Sponge
A Wet Soft Honeycomb Sponge, most luxurious of all the sponges
Macho Fina
A photo showing the body of the honeycombs sponge - it looks like Swiss cheese!
Sea Wool Sponge
A Honeycomb Sponge
A Honeycomb Sponge
A photograph of a hardhead sponge
A Photo of a Sea Grass Sponge

Sponges, Natural Unbleached Greek Sea Sponges. All types and sizes.

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With many so many uses, natural unbleached Greek sea sponges make washing, bathing, cleaning, pet care and housework even more enjoyable and more effective. You can buy all the most important species in a huge range of sizes here.



New sponge stock including Giant Honeycomb Sponges

New Stock! You won’t need your glasses to see this GIANT Honeycomb sponge. You could probably spot it from a satelite in outer space!

We pride ourseves on holding the largest selection of natural sea sponges in the UK. Not only do we have all the useful species from the traditional bath Honeycomb sponge; tiny make up and foundation sponges, but also GIANT sponges. All sponges come from Greece, are hand harvested by specially trained divers under licence, they are all unbleached. Throughout the ages, Greek sponges have always been regarded as superior in quality and so all of our sponges are Greek. This means our sponges are sustainable, non polluting and they last longer than their bleached counterparts. After the sponge is ‘cropped’ a replacement sponge grows.  The process is somewhat akin to the pruning of plants. The process is fully sustainable and it means that when you get a sponge from us, the rest of the organism is still growing in the sea!

Sponges have been collected for thousands of years for cosmetic, personal, household, animal, medicinal and craft uses. They are valued for their incredible water holding capacity, for their long use lives and for the ease with which they can be cleaned.  Humans have always marveled at the beauty, special feel and the unique properties of natural sea sponges.

For the body, nothing quite compares to a natural sea sponge for gentle exfoliation, for washing the face and body, for removing make-up, for bathing the delicate skin of babies and children or for adding vigour to a shower or luxury to the bath.

Our sponges can be used with soap to create a foamy lather and with water for abundant rinsing. We like to use sponges when we wash in clay or exfoliate with hemp oil soap and sponges can also be used for professional massage.

Sponges also excel at cleaning, reaching into every nook, cranny and crevice and their fibrous surface is similar, albeit easier to clean than microfibre cloths.  They help to transform washing, bathing, shower or cleaning into a joyous experience!

Why Choose a Sea Sponge?

  • Natural sponges are wonderful to admire, hold, use and care for, plus they are brilliant at washing and cleaning. The surface of the sponge is covered in tiny protrusions of ‘fibrin’ which give natural sponges superior cleaning power over artificial sponges.
  • Sponges are amazing for washing, bathing and showering, optimizing the condition and feel of the skin as nearly every species gently exfoliates dead skin and polishes the living skin. The hands alone, just can not accomplish this! We use the hemp oil soap to prepare the skin for exfoliation.
  • Natural sponges are easy to clean and with good care and task appropriate use, they should last much longer than their synthetic counterparts.
  • These sponges are unbleached making them suitable for use on sensitive skin. Unbleached sponges are more durable than bleached sponges and they do not disturb the healthy flora on the skin and of course do not cause pollution during the processing.
  • Children are fascinated by sponges and we have met adults in the 90’s who still remember being bathed with a sponge and they can still identify the some type of sponge they used from among our range! Sponges make a lasting impression upon children and adults. Everyone adores using them. Perhaps it might help children who normally protest at bath time to enjoy their bath more?
A Fresco Showing a Diver. Tomb of the Diver, Paestum 470BC

A Fresco Showing a Diver. Tomb of the Diver, Paestum 470BC


How to Use and Care for Your Sponge

1. Choose the right species and size of sponge for the task. Don’t hesitate to call us for advise!
2. Wet and soften the sponge before use—Immerse the sponge in water and squeeze it several times.
3. Use the sponge for your washing or cleaning adventures. But keep in mind , it a sponge, not a scouring pad, so be kind to it so that it enjoys a long life.
4. Clean the sponge when necessary—Wet a very grubby sponge in hot water, massage real soap into it, such as our naturally anti-bacterial hemp oil soft soap. Leave the soapy sponge to stand for a few minutes and then rinse the sponge in hot water. If there are any trace of soap left in the sponge, give a further rinse in vinegar water.
5. To sterilize a sponge—Soak a cleaned sponge in a bowl of hot water containing salt, vinegar or bicarb; or essential oils such tea tree, thyme, cloves, grapefruit seed extract, etc. Then rinse the sponge.
6. Allow the sponge to air dry after use.
7. Never wring a sponge, but squeeze it instead and also never place the sponge in scalding or boiling water or somewhere really hot like on a radiator or heater.
8. Keep your sponge away from pets!

Choosing a Sponge

Here is a video to help you select the best sponge for face care and for bathing / showering.


A hardhead sponge

Strange Facts about Sea Sponges

  • Genetically sponges are 70% related to humans
  • Many scientists believe that all animal life evolved from sponges
  • There are over 5000 different species of sponge and 7 species are commercially useful
  • Although sponges have the genes for organs they do not possess, such as a heart, mouth, eyes, they are not switched on
  • Sponges have amazing powers of regeneration and reorganization. Apparently you can take two whole living individual sponges, pass them through a silk mesh i.e. make them very small, place them back in sea water and they will reform into the two individual sponges again. Please don’t try this at home!
  • Although sponges appear to be rooted to the spot, some of them can move slowly to find a better habitat. As they move across uneven surfaces they can reorient their own internal body structure to suit their new habitat.
  • People have always debated whether sponges are plant, animal or something in between. Since 1765 they have been classified as an animal. Unlike most other animals, they have no detectable sense organs neither do they have a nervous system.
A Wet Soft Honeycomb Sponge, most luxurious of all the sponges

A Wet Soft Honeycomb Sponge, most luxurious of all the sponges. This photo shows the upper surface of the sponge. The adjacent photograph shows the side of the same sponge when it is dry.

Please Note sponges are measured when they are wet and fully expanded. So if the sponge you receive seems a tiny bit smaller when you receive it, after the first time it is wetted, it will reach its true size.

Sponge Comparison

Type Size in inches, Price and Uses
Fina Silk, Fina Silk, Fine Silk
spongia officinalis                     
Three Small Silk Fina Sponges
1+ inches
£5.00Make up removal and application. Detail craft work. Detail cleaning.Three sponges in a packet
Soft body texture. Silky soft surface. Durable, very evenly formed sponge, springy, tiny pores, absorbent. These tiny sponges, generally have a flat profile.
Silk Fina 2+ inches
£5.00Make up removal and application. Detail craft work. Detail cleaning. Baby Bath.Two sponges in each packet
As above, but more hard wearing.
Silk Fina 2.5-3 inches
£5.00Baby Bath, Face Care, Cleaning.One per pack.
As above, but more hard wearing and with a firmer body texture.
 Silk Fina  4+inches
£10.00Bathing. Showering, Baby Bath, Face Washing. Cleaning. Washing Up.
A firmer body texture. As the Silk Fina Sponge grows, the surface becomes more furrowed. Due to the fine mesh, they need good drying conditions.
Silk Fina                                   Silk Fina, Medium to Large  5+inches
£15.00Bathing, Showering, Cleaning.
The surface is often  furrowed with a firm body texture. Still with a silky smooth surface.
Silk Fina 6+ inches £25.00

Bathing, Showering, Cleaning.

Mostly furrowed.
Silk Fina  7+
inches£35.00Bathing, Showering, Cleaning.
The larger sizes need optimal drying conditions.
 The surface is more furrowed. These are very attractive sponges.
Silk Fina 8+ inches £40.00
Silk Fina 9+ inches £50.00 These are generally ‘bulky’.
Hardhead Sponge
Spongia officinalis duraHardhead Sponge
£7.00Exfoliating, washing, dry skin massage, bath, showering.
Medium body texture. Firm exfoliating surface. Slightly open structure. Rounded with very small cut mark, several osculum up to 1cm. Very attractive natural yellowish-brown.
Hardhead 4+ inches
£10.00When exfoliating, hold this species of sponge with two hands.
 As above.
Hardhead 5+inches
 As above.
Sea Wool, also known as Sheepswool Sponge
Hyppospongia lachne       Sea Wool Sponge
3+ inches
£7.00Great for face washing and strip washing and baby care.Great for detail cleaning around fittings, mouldings etc because you can exactly control the moisture level.Also used by potters, craftspeople and artists such as water colour painters.
Very soft body texture. Very soft surface texture. Feels like sheep fleece. Extremely absorbent. Easy to control water absorption and release. i.e. non-drippy. This size can be used with one hand. The larger sizes require two hands. Delicate –  quite low tear resistance.
Sea Wool 4+inches
£10.00Ideal for applying soapnut liquid or seaweed extract  to the hair. Slower to dry than other sponges, so these sponges need good drying conditions. Squeeze gently.
 As above.
Sea Wool 5+ inches£20.00  As above.
Honeycomb Sponge, Horse Sponge
Hyppospongia communis       A Honeycomb Sponge
3+ inches
£7.00Baby care, face washing. These sponges are the easiest to wash and air dry.
A soft and flexible body structure. Attractive, and most commonly associated with luxury bathing. From the side they look like Swiss cheese. These sponges are the easiest to wash and air dry.
Honeycomb 4+ inches
£10.00Baby care, face washing. In nature these sponges can grow very large (too large to use), so
At this size, these sponges are stronger than they look. They are the archetypal bath sponge.
Honeycomb 5+ inches
£15.00Bath, shower, spa, large pets, housework, car washing, windows. Most of the medium and large honeycomb sponges have been cut into practical sizes. The cutting reveals the strong honeycomb structure and retains a ‘cleaning surface.’
Soft but remarkably durable.
Honeycomb 6+ inches
£25.00Bath, shower, spas, large pets, housework, car washing, windows.
 My favourite bath and shower sponge!
Honeycomb 7+ inches
Honeycomb 8-9+ inches
£50Decorative, but still usuable with two hands.
Honeycomb  The Giant Honeycomb
Honeycomb 10-12 inches
Macho Fina

Macho Fina

4-4.5 inches £12.00

Exfoliating, Showering, Bathing, Pet Care. Too harsh for face care.

A firm body structure. A good exfoliating surface. Very even texture, absorbent, fine fibrous mesh, generally smooth but some with regularly spaces tufts and ridges. Due to the fine mesh, needs good drying conditions.



Macho Fina 5+ inches £15.00 Often more tufted and ridged. Can split if rubbed too hard without whole hand support, so a the Nettle and Copper Exfoliating glove could be a better option for vigorous exfoliation.



Macho Fina 6+ inches £20.00

You will need to be quite strong to squeeze this sponge.

Often more tufts and ridges, very attractive. Again resist the temptation to use it too vigorously or it will split. Would you be better off with a Nettle and Copper exfoliating glove?



Sea Grass,
Spongia grammineaA Photo of a Sea Grass Sponge 
4 inches £5.00


For general purpose use, but not strong.

Medium body texture. A fairy course and irregular ‘wild’ somewhat scruffy surface texture. A large and open fibrous mesh, some with protruding filaments. Sea grass sponges are not the least absorbent of sponges, but they are fast drying. Neither is this sponge type the most durable.   Found at 2-5m depth.
Sea Grass 5 inches
 Elelphant EarElephant Ear Sponges in a wooden bowl  7-9 inches
£45.00Bathing, showering, massage.
 A ruffled surface, strong, easy to dry. A flat convex disc like body.
Elephant Ear 11-12 inches
£70.00Crafts (i.e.padding for helmets and armour). Can be easily cut into different sizes.
 A flat dome shaped structure. A cut mark  slit in the center.



Historical and Other Odd Uses for Sea Sponges

  • Helmets and armour were padded with natural sea sponge (elephant ear).
  • Cleaned and damped sponges have been used by menstruating women to capture their flow (silk fina 3+). I have not found these practical myself and prefer the Femmecup.
  • Sponges were also used to administer spermicidal medicines for contraception.
  • Surgeons used sponges to absorb blood and body fluid.
  • The Romans used ‘spongia’ – sponge on a stick, instead of toilet paper. They were cleaned in red wine vinegar.
  • Homeopaths make preparations from toasted sea sponge.
  • Scientists are trying to create new medicines from sponges.
  • Sponges are used in bushcraft to collect water and moisture from stone hollows, stems of plants etc.

Additional information

Type and Size in Inches

Fine Silk 1+ (x 3), Fine Silk 2+ (x 2), Fine Silk 3 +, Fine Silk 4+, Fine Silk 5+, Fine Silk 6+, Fine Silk 7+, Fine Silk 8+, Fine Silk 9+, Honeycomb 3+, Honeycomb 4+, Honeycomb 5+, Honeycomb 6+, Honeycomb 7+, Honeycomb 8- 9+, Honeycomb 10-12, Elephant Ear 7-9, Elephant Ear 11-12, Sea Wool 3+, Sea Wool 4+, Sea Wool 5+, Macho Fina 4+, Macho Fina 5+, Sea Grass 4+, Sea Grass 5+, Hardhead 3-4, Hardhead 5+, Honeycomb 12-14, Honeycomb 15

7 reviews for Sponges, Natural Unbleached Greek Sea Sponges. All types and sizes.

  1. Marj Ashton (verified owner)

    If you thought a sponge was just a sponge, buy one of these. They are “amazing” to look at to feel and to bath with, sheer luxury.

  2. J Hearn (verified owner)

    I’ve been searching for fina silk sponges that are actually SOFT (was sent some by another company that were hard and scratchy) but these silk fina sponges from Natural Spa Supplies are unbelievably soft and absolutely perfect for applying foundation etc. Will definitely be buying again.

  3. Katy

    These are really wonderful. I use the small ones for washing my face (with hemp soap) and they are so gentle, yet exfoliate the skin to leave it feeling gently invigorated. I use the larger ones for use in the shower or bath over the whole body and they are really great as it is like massaging your body as they are gentle but stimulating. Very good for promoting good circulation and lymph drainage. They are also so easy as they air dry. They last really well and once you use these, you will never want to use anything else. Highly recommend.

  4. Nicki Harker (verified owner)

    A wonderful find, these sponges are truly soft and there is a sponge for every need.
    My 7 month year old grandson loves his !
    All the natural sponges I have tried over the years I have never had any a good as these.
    The Natural Spa Supplies, hugely helpful and orders arrive quickly with a personal touch.

  5. Nadezhda Zhukova (verified owner)

    Ordered a few months ago Honeycomb 7+. When the sponge arrived, for a whole week I couldn’t wait to jump in the shower, because using my new sponge was a super exiting treat! Now, after a few months of using it. Sponge is looking beautiful and like new still. Very happy and would highly recommend to everyone 🙂

  6. Suzie (verified owner)

    Well, these sponges are just amazing! I love that they are all natural and ethically sourced too. I use the small sponges to apply the orange flower water after I’ve cleansed my face. I will definitely purchase more.

  7. Ruth Madle (verified owner)

    I have just received my new 7″ Honeycomb sponge , to replace my previous one that I have had for 6 years !!! I still have my original but bits have dropped off over the years of use and now it’s small I can use it on my Granddaughter for her bath .
    I have tried various sponges over the years but never have they been as good as the Honeycomb it’s brilliant !! Worth every penny, and so soft , don’t hesitate to buy these sponges you will not find better anywhere .
    Also a mention to the owner of the business Sally, extremely helpful give her a call if you have any questions about the sponges .
    Fast delivery and well packaged . Thanks Sally

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  • Which sponge is most gentle on the skin? My father has very delicate skin and needs something that isnt rough but very gently cleans. tia x

    Hello, we have exactly the right sponge for your fathers really delicate skin and that is the Sea Wool. I would recommend getting two of them, because they will be more hygeinic if they get to dry completely between uses and they are quite slow drying. If you have two, you will be able to alternate their use. It would actually work out cheapest for you if you buy a 4 inch Sea Wool sponge and once it is wet, cutting it in half!

    Answer by : Layla on Sep 5, 2019 10:36:02 AM
  • What are the most durable sponges for cleaning?

    If I was choosing a sponge for general cleaning, I would probably go for the honeycomb - it will squeeze together and fit into small spaces and they are more duraable than they look. I would also choose a Scrubby, which looks like a flannel, but the surface texture is a hard as gypsum.  These natural scouring pads are great for washing up, cleaning the sink, burnt pans, detail cleaning as the edges get into seams such as where a sink pedestal meets the floor and rough surfaces ssuch as skirting boards, flower pots, windows with a grey film or haze, the corners of floors etc. With the sponge and the scrubby, you could do the bulk of your cleaning tasks. I would suggest getting also some Hemp Oil Cleaning Soap to easily clean the sponge and scubby afterwards, however, the Scrubbies are machine washable and very durable.

    Answer by : Pqul on Sep 8, 2019 11:53:59 AM

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