4 Afro CombsCow horn combs.
A selection of horn combs
4 Afro Combs
Cow horn combs.

Horn Combs, all hair types, beard, moustache, cats, babies

(6 customer reviews)


Horn combs are the ultimate in natural hair care. They add instant sheen to the hair, pull out less hairs than normal combs or brushes, help to defriz the hair, reduce static and give a pleasurable scalp massage for improved hair growth. Once you have tried a horn comb, there will be no going back!



Horn combs are the ultimate in natural hair, moustaches, beards. They add instant sheen to the hair, pull out less hairs than normal brushes or plastic combs, help to defriz the hair, reduce static in the hair, and give a pleasurable scalp massage for improved hair growthHorn combs, while lasting for many years, retain a ‘primal’ and invigorating quality on each occasion of use.

Cow horn combs.

Cow horn combs.

It is widely believed that horn combs impart strength and accelerate the growth of hair and there is no doubt a horn comb leaves the scalp tingling with pleasure through the stimulation of micro-circulation. Given that horn is high in sulfur, linked inextricably to healthy hair growth, it is no wonder that horn combs have been valued for so many thousand years and that they appear as so frequently as attributes of beautiful mythical beings such as long haired goddesses, nymphs and mermaids.

These horn combs are so well finished, that just picking them up is joy and even from the first stroke they glide through the hair. As you know we wanted to make our own combs, carrying on the tradition of the last Moroccan comb maker … but when we tried these particular combs, we knew that we could never exceed them in quality. So, it seems that our quest is over! Don’t worry we will find another quest!


Top Row, Horn Afro Combs; Middle Row, Widely Spaced Toothed Comb; Bottom Row, Long Comb.

Top Row, Horn Afro Combs; Middle Row, Widely Spaced Toothed Comb; Bottom Row, Long Comb.


The Benefits of Using a Horn Comb

* For everyday combing of hair of any length, giving the hair a well cared for appearance.
* Cleans the hair by removing lint, dust and broken hairs.
* Helps to transport protective oils from the scalp along the shaft of the hair, making the hair appear better conditioned and less grease near the roots.
* Helps to smooth the cuticles of the hair shaft down helping to protect the hair from tangling and dessication and sun damage.

* Gentle to hair – horn is composed as the same substance as hair – keratin, and with the same hardness of material, horn will not damage the shaft of the hair.
* Horn combs pull out significantly fewer hairs while combing compared to a plastic comb or hairbrush. This is down to construction. Plastic combs are moulded and the inside edges of the tines of plastic combs contain rough edges of plastic which is harder than hair.  This rough edges of plastic snag hairs and damages the protective cuticle (scale-like) coating on each hair.

* By stroking the scalp with the tines during each grooming session, the stimulation improves scalp circulation and supports healthy hair growth.
* Cleans the hair follicles, maintaining follicle health and supporting the healthy grow of the hair, again when the tines are taken over the scalp.

* Perfect for detangling slightly damp hair after washing and for helping to reduce frizzyness.

* Fantastic for relieving stress. Animals groom themselves to relieve psychological stress and after escaping from physical danger. Gently comb the entire scalp several times a day, or briefly throughout the day.
* Leaves a lovely tingly sensation on the scalp.
* Does not induce static build up (unlike plastic). This is because a horn comb has the same charge as the hair – two materials of the same type due not build up static charge when rubbed together and brought into contact.

Horn Comb vs. Plastic Comb Video


Choices of Horn Comb

We have several types of horn comb:

The Long Cow Horn Comb with Normal Teeth Spacing

This comb is about 15cm long and 4cm deep.  They are sturdy and will work on any hair length of fine or medium thickness. The teeth or tines have ‘normal spacing.’ This comb comes in a sturdy  black card presentation box.

The Long Cow Horn Comb with Widely Spaced Teeth

This comb is about 15cm long and 4cm deep. The teeth or tines are more widely spaced compared to the comb above. These combs are best for long hair,  medium to thick hair or even hair with light curls.  This comb comes in a sturdy card presentation box.

The Bulls Horn Afro Comb or Rake

This comb is 8cm by 8cm. It has strong and deeply cut tines and it is ideal for combing curly hair and Afro hair.

Moustache, Cat or Fine Hair Horn Comb

Moustache, Beard Cat, Baby or Fine Hair Horn Comb

The Tiny Horn Comb for the Moustache, the Beard, the Pussy Cat, Babies and very Fine Hair.

These adorable little combs are small enough to comb the moustache and agile enough to groom the puddy cat or the baby’s hair.  At a diminutive 8.5cm length they are so charming that I wonder if they were made by the ‘little people’ of folklore. Saying that, one of these marvels of craftsmanship  combed my fine hair and it slipped though with also zero friction!




I have found that these little combs are extremely adept at catching cat fleas. If you have a pussy cat, please read my blog:

De Flea Your Cat: Catch, Kill and Prevent Cat Fleas

Or watch this video showing the flea comb in use on my 19 year old cat.

Wooden Comb


This small wooden comb is ideal for travelling with and for fine hair (where there is lots of it) or medium thickness hair. The comb is 8.5cm long and the tines are 2.5cm deep with 2mm spacing. It is made in Germany with sustainably sourced beech wood.

This wooden comb is very versatile and is a good travelling companion.

This wooden comb is very versatile and is a good travelling companion.

How to use a Horn Comb for Combing the Hair

Notice the meticulously cut chamfers !

Notice the meticulously cut chamfers.

Start by combing the hair at the ends, using the comb to locate knots and the fingers to untangle the knots.


Start by combing the hair at the ends, using the comb to locate knots and the fingers to untangle the kno

Gradually work up the shaft of the hair, going around the head.

When the hair is tangle free, use long strokes from the scalp to the end of the hair.

Then take the comb against the scalp for the massage to improve the scalp circulation.

Take you time and enjoy the experience!



How to Care for your Horn Comb


4 Afro Combs

4 Afro Combs

* A horn comb should be for life!
* The comb can be rinsed periodically in warm (not cold or hot) water and then dried straight away.
* I prefer to keep my comb dry at all times, and to clean the tines with a stiff nail brush.
* Do not allow contact with solvents, chemicals or hair dyes.
* If you do use the comb on damp hair, dry the comb afterwards.
* To restore the polished look to your comb, rub it vigorously with dry wood ashes using a chamois leather, or polish with a drop of oil.
* Do not leave the comb in the sunshine as it might warp.
* Store away from heat, humidity and direct sunlight.
* Protect from dogs and other animals – even herbivores will eat horn!
* When transporting the comb, protect the tines from damage.
* To protect the tines of the comb and your hair do not force the comb down the length of the hair nor drag the comb through knots. Use the comb to locate the knots and then untangle the knots gently with the fingers working from underneath the knot until the hair is free. Then comb through the free hair. Take your time!

Each comb is unique. They vary a bit  in size, contour, figuring and colouring. Most are dark horn, but we do get ‘blonde’ horn combs too. If you have a preference, it is best to email or call before placing the order so that we can send you the one you will love the most.


The Ethics of using Horn Combs

* Made of cow horn, nature’s own ‘plastic’  prized for it strength, durability, and ability to take on different forms. Cow horn is only taken from domestic bull and cows after the end of their life. The horn is sourced from Nigeria where both male and female cows grow wonderful quality, dense horn.
* A Horn Comb will after a long use-life eventually biodegrade (apart from the archaeological combs found in ‘special preservation conditions’ referred to above!)
* Combing is a natural process, beneficial to health and mood.


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6 reviews for Horn Combs, all hair types, beard, moustache, cats, babies

  1. Samantha (verified owner)

    I love my horn comb and have never paid so much attention to combing my hair! The tynes feel gentle yet firm as though my scalp really is getting a massage. I had used a plastic comb before this one which now seems very harsh in comparison. I’ve even abandoned my long loved hairbrush in favour of this comb.

  2. Lorraine (verified owner)

    This is an outstanding comb that glides through my kinky, easily tangled hair. Since the comb is seamless, it does not pull and rip hair strands like the inexpensive, plastic combs (you usually get what you pay for) I had been using. I recently cut my hair to shoulder length due to lots of split ends. I decided after getting a new cut,I would make a fresh start with a quality comb.

    The bottom line is — I love this comb! I should have purchased one sooner. It’s a little pricey, compared t a plastic comb but I think it’s worth it.

  3. Carol (verified owner)

    I am so impressed with my horn comb – I could feel the difference immediately compared to using a plastic comb – it went through my hair so easily and did not pull lots of hair out as so many plastic combs do – it left my scalp feeling as if it had just had a massage – amazing! Would like to buy another one!

  4. Midge Ashdon (verified owner)

    Unbelievably amazing comb , my hair is in such great condition , it glides through my hair and I find I do not need to use products on my hair as it is naturally shiny and manageable, comes in a great little box ,too .

  5. Julie de Burgh (verified owner)

    Excellent comb. I have a tendency to have an itchy scalp, and any rubbing or scratching only make it worse! This comb is wonderful – all I have to do is to use it to run along my scalp and the itching goes, and my hair looks good. I totally recommend this.

  6. Gaelle (verified owner)

    I first got a tiny moustache/beard comb for my dad. I tried combing my hair with it just to be silly and was so pleased by the effect that I got myself one! It is tiny, but works really well for me and removes lots of dust from the hair, distributes the sebum and cleans the hair really well. It’s a nice thing to do to take time each day and use the little comb for a couple of minutes. I also got an afro one to detangle my hair, which is not afro, but I love the longer teeth and the smaller size fits my hand better. I am very pleased with both, thank you.

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