Traditional ExfoliatingHemp oil soap is used for shaving, washing and cleaning.
Traditional Exfoliating
Hemp oil soap is used for shaving, washing and cleaning.

Hemp Oil Soap Wash (naturally antibacterial) for hand washing, scrubbing nails and exfoliating

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How to use naturally antibacterial British hemp oil soap for washing the hands, face and for exfoliating the skin and feet.



At last a fully natural antibacterial soap! Meet the 12th century British soap that we have recreated. Made from nothing more than British grown hemp seed oil and lye water. It is the most basic of soaps and if any of these ingredients were omitted, it would cease to be soap! While this soap is gentle on the skin, it cleans the skin without stripping the oils making this suitable for all skin types.

Hemp Oil Soap is ideal for


Hand Washing
Nail Scrubbing
Deep Cleaning the oily zones of combination skin
Shaving (we have a separate page in the shop for Shaving Soap).

Anti-Microbial Testing of the Hemp Oil Soap


I had been curious to find out how well the hemp oil soap killed germs. So I asked my favourite microbiologist to conduct some ‘challenge’ tests on it.  He spent  a week growing his microbial cultures and then added them to the hemp oil soap to see what happened. The results are check after an hour, after 1 day and after 1 week.

There are normally three possible results:

1/ The bacteria and fungus love it and proliferate – that of course is a very bad result! Sometimes you can end up with more germs in the product because as bacteria are killed, they release more microbes from within themselves. Well that would be a complete fail.

2/ The germs neither multiply nor decrease. Again this soap would be quite useless.

3/ Or the germ colonies are decreased. You would expect most soaps to do this.

4/ We got the very unusual fourth possibility. All of the introduced bacteria were killed in the hemp oil soap within 1 hour. So that was a very speedy demise of  247 million colony forming units of Pseudomonas aeriginosa, 10 million colony forming units of Staphylococcus aureus and over 3 million colony forming units of Candida albicans. Just to be thorough the levels were checked after one day and one week and again – nothing. Next time I will ask my scientist to take a shorter lunch break to assess an even speedier test!

Very well done British Hemp Oil Soap!

Hand Washing and Cleaning Nails with Hemp Oil Soap

Never doubting the powers of the soap to clean the grimiest of hands: We have tried it on forgers, charcoal burners, mechanics, horse owners and gardeners. The soap is also great for scrubbing the nails.

Hemp oil soap is ideal for frequent hand washers as it does not provoke irritation to the skin. Simply get the hands wet, preferably with warm water, take a small dab of soft soap, rub it over every part of the hands, fingers and wrists. Apply a small dab of soap to a nail brush and scrub under the nails. Rinse the nail brush and rinse the hands.

For hands with embedded grime, use a nail brush (gently) over the finger pads, palms cuticles and nails. See the grime lift. Rinse well and dry the hands.

Hemp Oil Soft Soap will leave the hands and nails clean without drying the skin or damaging the nails.

Face Washing with Hemp Oil Soap


The soap is great for washing combination skin on the face, cleaning deep within the pores and drawing excess oil from under the skin. We will give our tips below. I use it on my nose and chin. I don’t recommend use above the level of the eyes, or close to the eyes, because it is soap and it does hurt the eyes.

Wet the oily zones with a warm water.
Apply a dab of soap finger tips and spread over the zones to be cleaned.
You might need to add more water to achieve a slippy texture and a tiny bit more soap to see the fine foam.
Massage the soap on these oily areas of skin for a few minutes.
Rinse well.

Exfoliating with Soft Soap


Why exfoliate the skin?

The first principle of skin care is to remove any dead skin. Dead skin looks dull, can appear flaky, dry, thick, inflexible and it may become prone to itchiness and infection. It is impossible to moisturize dead skin and excessive dead skin can impair the function of the underlying living skin. The body also send toxins to be encapsulated in the dead skin layer, so that they will be assured of leaving the body.

The discomfort of carrying around dead skin is our body’s way of telling us to remove the dead layer from the outer surface of the skin, so the underlying living layers can perform their health enhancing functions. Mammals will frequently roll on the ground, groom and rub against trees to exfoliate and still among humans exfoliation is the first principle of skincare.

In the past, walking barefoot would have kept the excess hard skin on the feet in balance but extra care would have been given to the rest of the body. Everybody likes to have comfortable, flexible and fully functioning skin!

Exfoliating of the entire body is performed at the beginning of traditional bathing rituals using soft soap at least once every week. The soap softens the dead layer, so it can easily be rubbed off with an exfoliating glove. Pumice is used to remove the thick dead skin on the soles of the feet. Weekly exfoliation is recommended to keep the skin in tip top condition.

How to Exfoliate the Skin


Get the skin warm and wet either in a shower or a wet room. Turn the shower off. Rub the soap over the wet skin. Leave the soap to work for between 2 and 10 minutes, depending on your skin type. Make sure that the soap stays damp and active. Then rub the skin with an exfoliating glove. Any dead skin will be removed. Rinse the skin thoroughly.

How to exfoliate the hard skin on the feet with hemp oil soft soap


You will need to sit down, because the soap is extremely slippery. If you can’t manage easily in the shower, then it is best to pumice the feet separately with the help of a foot bath or bowl or bucket of water.

Get the feet warm and wet. Either with a foot bath, or sitting in a wet room or large shower. Rub the soap around the feet, particularly on the soles, heals, toes, between the toes etc.  Leave the soap to work for up 10 minutes, making sure that the soap doesn’t dry out. Massage a little water into the skin from time to time to prevent the soap drying. Exfoliate the underside and edges of the foot with pumice and the upper surface of the foot and between the toes with an exfoliating glove (the hands alone are not sufficient to remove the dead skin!) Rinse well.


Do not get soap in the eyes. If you do get soap in your eyes flush with plenty of running water. I did allow some soap to run into my eyes and it really stung my eyes. I will not be repeating this experiment!

Keep away from pets and children.

Do not ingest – accidental ingestion is unlikely as soap does not taste pleasant. If soap is ingested seek medical attention. Take the jar with you.

Hemp Oil Soap Ingredients


Cannabis sativa oil, aqua, potassium hydroxide. In other words, 100% British hemp oil, British lye and British water.

Please note, once these ingredients are mixed properly and the chemical reaction known as saponification takes place, the oil and lye water are transformed into pure soap and glycerine.

Storage of Soft Soap

The soap is provided in a glass jar. Like most natural products, it will keep better if it is kept out of the light between uses and at a stable room temperature. The soap has a shelf life of 1 year and it should be used within 6 months of opening.

Ethics of Using British Hemp Oil Soap

100% British origin and manufacture
Fully biodegradable
Traditional in Britain
Supplied as the naturally formed concentrate
Packed in glass and dispatched in recyclable or reusable packaging.
Multipurpose – this soap is also for shaving and heavy duty cleaning tasks (cutting down on packaging and clutter)

Additional information


30g, 150g, 250g

3 reviews for Hemp Oil Soap Wash (naturally antibacterial) for hand washing, scrubbing nails and exfoliating

  1. ALF

    Love this soap! It is so nice to be able to clean around the house without having to worry about nasty chemicals.
    It is also great to use as a soap for personal washing-again without worrying about the chemicals!
    Thoroughly recommended.

  2. Daisy (verified owner)

    Fantastic. I use as a handwash and shaving soap, I love the way it feels and the fact it’s British-made. It leaves my hands feeling super-clean. You don’t need much to work up a lather so a little bit goes a long way.

  3. Emma Heap (verified owner)

    I have been using Rhassoul clay for 7-8 years, both on my face and body, but my face tends to be quite greasy (although I am now 45, and I don’t use foundation, and cleanse regularly), so felt I needed something a bit more cleansing. The Hemp Oil Soap Wash has a jelly like consistency, and you don’t need much, as it does “lather” quite well when rubbed between wet hands. It does smell a little unusual, but not an offensive smell. However, this soap is amazing for greasy and spot prone skin! I have only been using for just under a week, and already noticed how much clearer my skin is, with less spots and greasy feeling during the day. I haven’t yet tried this for household cleaning, but after the other reviews, I will try it soon!

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