Bucket made of oak wood staves, 10 litre capacity, handmade


A handmade wooden bucket of oak bound in steel hoops. Made using traditional cooperage skills from sustainable oak, the bucket is fully function and extremely decorative.

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A traditional wooden oak bucket made using traditional cooperage techniques. Constructed of thick oak staves, with an oak base, the bucket is bound in painted black steel hoops. The inside of the bucket is total untreated raw oak and it holds 10 litres of water.

Buckets are used to transport water or anything else which will fit inside them. They are ideal for hammam style bathing, for use in wet rooms, spas, museums, by reenactors etc. Oak has one of the most powerful natural antimicrobial effects of all woods helping to keep the water fresh and inner surface of the bucket fresh.

If you need to store drinking water for drinking, you wouldn’t use a bucket but the clay amphora. Saying that, my cat drinks mainly from an oak bucket in the garden – perhaps they like the taste and softness of the rain water.

The bucket weighs just over 6kg. So full of water, it will weigh 16kg. if you are using the bucket to carry water you will need to be quite strong. Of course your balance will be better if you have two buckets – in which case you will need to be even stronger!

Commissioning Your Wooden Bucket

The bucket will arrive in a box packed in straw.

The night before use, lightly wash the inside of the bucket with hemp oil soap or homemade soapnut liquid. Rinse the interior. Seal the wooden bucket.

Sealing the Wooden Bucket

Pour several inches of water into the base of the bucket to seal this part first. Leave it for a few hours. Then fill the bucket with hot water.

Leave the bucket to soak overnight. This allows the wood to swell, creating tight leak proof joints. In the morning pour this water away. The bucket is now ready to use.

Caring for your Bucket

One Golden Rule

The Golden Rule. The bucket needs to be full of water or at least be damp inside all the time. If you let it dry it it will cause shrinkage and it will leak.

Hopefully you will use the water in your bucket everyday and this is a water proof bucket designed and made to the very high specifications that enable it to hold water.

Once a week, or more often, depending on the tasks you use it for, clean the inside of the bucket with hemp oil soap or homemade soapnut liquid. Fill it up with water again.

Stand and use the bucket on water resistance surfaces, such as a tiled surface.

If you use the wooden bucket in the garden, do be aware that dramatic changes in temperature and humidity will cause the bands will rust and deteriorate and it won’t last as long as bucket which are used indoors.

The size of the oak bucket, external measurements:

Base diameter 28cm
Top diameter 31cm
Top diameter including the side protrusion of the handles 36cm

Height base to rim 34cm
Height with handle up 53cm


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