If I was choosing a sponge for general cleaning, I would probably go for the honeycomb – it will squeeze together and fit into small spaces and they are more duraable than they look. I would also choose a Scrubby, which looks like a flannel, but the surface texture is a hard as gypsum.  These natural scouring pads are great for washing up, cleaning the sink, burnt pans, detail cleaning as the edges get into seams such as where a sink pedestal meets the floor and rough surfaces ssuch as skirting boards, flower pots, windows with a grey film or haze, the corners of floors etc. With the sponge and the scrubby, you could do the bulk of your cleaning tasks. I would suggest getting also some Hemp Oil Cleaning Soap to easily clean the sponge and scubby afterwards, however, the Scrubbies are machine washable and very durable.