I generally say that you can store the water in the amphora for two days, but some customers have reported they still like the water after it has been in the amphora for three days. You will still need to check the amphora though, because it will still release water and if the bowl you keep the pot in isn’t big enough it could overflow. We don’t want that. I generally think that a fresh refil is best everyday and I think the amphora works better and stays fresher. I wouldn’t bother boiling the water first, the pot is very good at reducing chloride levels naturally and using just the free energy of nature.
For cleaning the amphoraa, soapnut liquid, made by standing Soapnuts in water is my priamry choice, sometimes I use some vinegar but don’t worry too much if there is still limescale present. I use the Scrubby as a scouring pad with the soapnuts as it is particulary good on terracotta. I will try to make a video on cleaning the amphora soon!