We’d need to ship it from here because we need to check the cork fits and you’ll need all the directions etc, but the shipping cost is pretty good to Spain at £20.00 and we could probably get some other products in the box too without raising the price.
I know what you mean with cats and their physics experiements and interest in fluid dynamics. We haven’t really experimented much with a metal frame because we have found that the amphoras don’t opperate so well when they are in contact with the metal and the padding might introduce mould. It might be the case that once you have he amphora, you will find a frame in a secondhand shop or a garden centre to fit – you might be able to use some sheets of cork to protect it from the frame? But still it might effect the performance. One customer reported they were keeping their pot in their metal sink and the water didn’t seem to improve – once they moved it to a dish on the counter, the amphora started performing again. It might work if you go frameless and loop some string through both of the handles securing it back to the wall? Unless your cats knaw through the string, the pot should stay upright?