You can use this hemp oil soap for many tasks, but I hardly ever recommend using it in the hair of scaalp, nor any type of soap on the scalp, which includes soap bars, conventional shampoos and conditioners (which also often contain soap). I maintain that soap detroys the hair folicles and over time causes hair loss, hair damage and scalp issues. Plus if you use a soap on the hair, it is actually very difficult to rinse out and you could be left with matted hair.

What I would use is the Rhassoul Clay, a mineral soap replacement, with Marshmallow Root Hair Conditioner in the hope that your scalp would calm down after a a few goes, especially as it means you can avoid soap all together.

The only excpetion is the use of Soapnuts for washing greasy hair, but I would always start with the clay first and get the scalp to calm down before trying these.