That all sounds like brilliant news – I am so glad the Rhassoul Clay and Seaweed have helped against hair loss. The easiest way to deal with static is to dampen the hair a tiny bit. You could probably use your hands or a spray mister. If you still have trouble, do come back to me because I haven’t tried the ionic brush yet or removing static from the hair, although it does remove voltage from the skin. It’s best if I use myself as a guineapig first!
I have also found that using Soapnut liquid (stand soapnuts in water for an hour or two) to the Rhassoul and combing it through the hair when you wash it, gives hair, that once dried, has great body and less static. I do this once a month or so to really deep clean the hair. I’m also some new ‘triangular’ horn combs in soon which will make this hair type easier to deal with.