hi there , i like your web page …amazing natural i want to ask your hemp oil shaving soap is good to wash my hair/scalp ??? i have a very sensitive scalp so i ask to you ..thank you so much Peace and Love jelica

You can use this hemp oil soap for many tasks, but I hardly ever recommend using it in the hair of scaalp, nor any type of soap on the scalp, which includes soap bars, conventional shampoos and conditioners (which also often contain soap). I maintain that soap detroys the hair folicles and over time causes hair loss, hair damage and scalp issues. Plus if you use a soap on the hair, it is actually very difficult to rinse out and you could be left with matted hair.

What I would use is the Rhassoul Clay, a mineral soap replacement, with Marshmallow Root Hair Conditioner in the hope that your scalp would calm down after a a few goes, especially as it means you can avoid soap all together.

The only excpetion is the use of Soapnuts for washing greasy hair, but I would always start with the clay first and get the scalp to calm down before trying these.

Hi! Any plastic packaging in Radius silk floss packs? Thanks, Clare

Yes, unfortunately there is – the dispensotr is made of plastic, through it does say it is recyclable. I have asked Radius over the years to switch to a cardboard box, but unfortuneatly they haven’t. Just to provide a plastic free choice, I have made the Dental Lace floss available and this comes in a little glass vial with refils available, so the Dental Lace is the more eco option.

Hi there! Great shop! So glad I found you! I live in a Victorian terrace house and I have a worry over old lead pipework. Does the amphora help in any way in reducing possible lead levels in the water?

Thank you for your kind compliments. Sorry to hear about your old lead pipes. I have heard that when they are old, they could become quite furred up with limescale and it might help to protect you, if it is true (that is while going round Pompei years ago). However, I expect there is lead in your tap water. The amphora is very good at reducing levels of heavy metals. Lead, Arsenic and Mercury were reduced to 1/10th of their original value after an 8 hour cycle in the amphora. You could also try leaving the tap water in the amphora for 12 hours, so you get two cycles a day to acheive further reductions.

When will it be back in stock?

It shouldn’t be to long. Last time I spoke to the harvester he said he was going out collecting again and that was a few weeks ago. He should be drying it now. It does take several forays though to get enough to be worth sending, but am hoping he will notify me soon, that a box is on its way. We do have al alternative to the seaweed hair conditioner – the marshmallow root which I haven found very good for adding body and wave to the hair if that is any help in the meantime.

I bought one of these from Amazon and I have noticed the more I use it the less water drains from it from the outside. At the start I would get maybe 2/3 cups of excess water but now only 1/2 a cup. I would presume this is not working properly.

No it’s is fine. They do vary over time. If the water has a fresh aroma, tastes good and has a good mouth feel, it is working. I do advise customers though to give their amphoras a sun bath on a really baking hot sunny day as it expand the clay and helps with porosity.
Empty the amphora of water, clean the outside (I like Soapnuts and Scrubby for this) then place is in the sunny position. You can put a piece of cloth over the top to stop anything falling in. Make sure it can’t get knocked over by the wind or animals.Leave it out turning it a bit a few times through the daay, so the sun strikes all the sides. You could even lay it on its side to blitz the base too. It really does wonders for the amphora!