Parasites in Humans

People have parasites. Yet, most people don’t know they have them. Mrs Everybody was like most people out there – Except, Mrs Everybody did have her suspicions that there were some uninvited ‘guests’ living inside her. Don’t worry, they are long dead and gone. What is a Parasite? Parasites are creatures which live and breed …

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Hemp Oil Soft Soap, made just with British grown and produced hemp seed oil and lye water.

Commended for Norwich Eco Small Business Awards 2012

Here is our award entry: Manufacturing 100% British Hemp Oil Soap for Washing, Shaving or Cleaning. Our Norwich Eco Award Entry 2012 The Historical Background of British Soap Manufacture At Natural Spa Supplies Ltd, the founder, Sally Mittuch uses her background in archaeology and anthropology to research and provide the simplest and most natural washing …

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