Natural Dental Care

Effective & Earth-Friendly

Dental hygiene is arguably the most important part of self care. Our products clean and protect your teeth and gums without all the harsh chemicals that can strip enamel.

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Natural Dental Care Products

Be in complete charge of the ingredients that you are putting into your body by using single ingredient pure natural products for your dental routine. With natural and eco-friendly dental care products, you can be assured that you are not supporting polluting chemical and plastic industries.

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  • Miswak Stick: Buy a Miswak Stick Toothbrush in the UK

    Toothbrush Stick, Miswak, Chewing Stick Natural Dental Care

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  • Soladey Toothbrush UK

    Toothbrush, light activated ionic Soladey ion5, Soladey-3 or replacement bristles / heads

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  • A photo shwoing oboth sizes of the natural boar bristle and wood toothbrushes

    Toothbrush of Wood with natural bristles

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  • Radius Silk Floss x 3 on a rock

    Natural Silk Dental Floss, by Radius

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  • French Green Clay | Use as Detox Face Mask or as Toothpaste

    French Green Clay ultra ventillated illite skin detox, diy toothpaste

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  • Olive Miswak | Black Olive Miswak Aswad Toothbrush Sticks

    Olive Toothbrush Sticks, Black Olive Miswak, Miswak Aswad, Olea europaea, Zaytoon

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  • The silk flosses and vegan charcoal floss on a mossy background

    Silk Floss with Refill / Refills in Eco Packaging by Dental Lace

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  • walnuts bark powder with a tradition boar bristle toothbrush

    Walnut Bark Tooth Powder (Derum) Tooth Whitener, Gum Tightening

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Having a background in archaeology and anthropology, it set me asking, ‘What did people use in the past for washing the hair and skin, brushing the teeth and for household cleaning?’

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The Benefits of Natural Dental Care

Green Clay for Oral Hygiene

Not only does the green clay make a great tooth paste and leave the teeth feeling smooth and clean, but due to the low abrasivity index, the green clay toothpaste is gentle on the enamel.

Clays are famous for absorbing heavy metals, so they are ideal if you have or have had mercury fillings to reduce levels of contamination in the gums, oral tissue and breath.

Green clay is anti-microbial, it absorbs microbes and the toxins produced by microbes.

Green clay, with a pH 0f 7, neutralizes the acids in the mouth, protecting the enamel from acid erosion. 

Natural Tree Root Toothbrushes

These tree roots (Salvadora persica), also know as miswak, siwak, peelu, and arak are virtually a tooth care kit within a kit as the stick transforms into a toothbrush and gum line cleaner while the sap in the stick becomes enamel strengthening toothpaste and mouthwash.

Our natural Olive Tree Sticks are an important to natural oral hygiene kits. The sap of these sticks is proven to kill damaging bacteria in the gum line and these sticks have been used safely for thousands of years. 

As an alternative to conventional toothpaste, the tree root toothbrush sticks can replace toothbrushes, toothpaste, and mouth wash.

Toxin Free Silk Floss

Made just from hand spun silk and coated with plant wax from the candelilla tree leaves, this floss is strong and easy to hold. It really seems to ‘grab’ the debris and biofilm between the teeth.

It is amazing to find a floss which is toxin free and which will biodegrade in 2-3 months after use.

Normal floss is coated with very toxic chemicals which cause harm to the health and the environment. Floss in the normal way.