Honeymoon brings business idea to life, published the East Anglian Daily Press.

Yes, this really is how it all began – while on honeymoon in Morocco I washed my hair and body in Rhassoul clay. My hair came out looking thicker, soft, very shiny and with more body – every English girl’s dream. My skin tone felt firmer.

From that moment I knew I would abandon conventional shampoos, conditioners, soaps, shower gel, cleanser etc. all together. Once I returned to England I began searching for this special clay – but to no avail!

So having just taken voluntary redundancy following eight years as a lecturer, (History of Art and Photography) I decided to import the clay. Since then I have found out so much about the huge world of clay – how it is so beneficial to the hair and skin, how certain types of clay can be eaten… my research has covered several European languages, and I am still discovering something new each day. You are welcome to join me on this fascinating journey!

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