Natural Skin Care

Eco-Friendly Products

Perfect your face care with our range of simple natural products, suitable for the whole family. Whether you have normal skin, sensitive skin, or trouble prone skin our products do suit all skin types and conditions. Our carefully selected eco products will clean, detox and protect your skin and give you fast to observe anti-aging benefits.

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Natural Skin Care Products

All of these products are fast to use, economical and they will quickly make you the master of your own skin. Even without make up your friends will be wondering while your skin looks so fresh and vibrant!


Natural Body Care

Declutter your bathroom with our carefully selected range multi-purpose, plastic free eco bathing and body care products.


Eco Face Care

Become the master of your skin with everything you could possibly need for natural facial skin care.


Hands and Nails

A full range of natural antibacterial products to clean, scrub, care, and exfoliate.

Eco and Green Products for Skin, Body, Hands, and Nails

An all natural jar of our oil soap gets you off to a great start – it will wash and exfoliate the skin, clean your nails and give you the most comfortable shave. Our rhassoul clay replaces chemical shampoos, shower gel and conventional soap. Get your hands on a real pumice and inside our luxury exfoliating gloves made form copper and nettles!

Browse our all natural skin care products below.

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  • 500g rhassoul with clay in bowl in rocky niche

    Rhassoul Detox Clay for Washing the Hair, Face and Body

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  • argan oil with pipette and oak leaves

    Argan Oil, virgin, cold pressed and organic

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  • Alum Benefits for Body and Natural Deodorant

    Alum Deodorant / Shaving Styptic of volcanic potassium alum, blocks, pebbles, powder

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  • british hemp oil soap with wild hemp leaves

    Hemp Oil Soap Wash (naturally antimicrobial) for hand washing, scrubbing nails and exfoliating

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  • 5g lip balm on mossy rock

    Lip Balm of Argan Oil

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  • hair removal thanaka powder and log with organic safflower oil

    Permanent Natural Hair Removal Kit, Grade A Thanaka and Organic Safflower (Kusumba) Oil

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  • bath and shower natural sea sponges

    Bath & Shower Natural Sea Sponges

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  • Natural Indigo Blue Dye Powder, for Soap, Textiles and Lime Paints

    Natural Blue Indigo Dye – Soap Making and Textile Dye, Indigofera Tinctoria Powder

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  • british hemp oil soap with wild hemp leaves

    Hemp Oil Shaving Soap, traditional and natural wet shave

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  • Pumice Stone | Buy a Natural, Volcanic Pumice Stone For Feet

    Pumice Stone of black volcanic lava

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  • a pair of copper andd nettle exfoliating gloves on bolders

    Exfoliating Massage Glove of Nettle, Cotton and Copper, Naturally Antimicrobial

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  • natural spa supplies orange wood teaspoon and tiny spoon on wet bolder

    Wooden Spoon: Handmade Various Sizes

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Having a background in archaeology and anthropology, it set me asking, ‘What did people use in the past for washing the hair and skin, brushing the teeth and for household cleaning?’

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