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Eco cleaning supplies for house and home. Choose from our range of fully natural green household cleaning supplies. With scrubbies, hemp soap, soap nuts and a sponge, you can do 99% of your housework, chemical free and plastic free.

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Natural Cleaning Products

Eco-friendly cleaning products clean your home naturally, without the unpleasant chemical ingredients that can harm you, your family, and the Earth.


Cleaning Products

Cleaning products for your eco home. Join the revolution and switch to plastic free and chemical free cleaning products.


Eco-Friendly Laundry

Naturally antibacterial, hand friendly, and chemical free laundry supplies.

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Water Purification

Transform from your tap water with our extremely popular clay water purifying amphoras.

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Traditional Bottle Brushes

Traditional boar bristle, wool and twisted steel boar brushes with long handles for all bottle sizes.

Eco Friendly Cleaning Sponge 5-inch-silk-finaa-sponge-top-250

Eco-Friendly Sponges

Sustainably harvested unbleached Greek sea sponges for household cleaning.

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Soaps and Scrubbing Pads

Naturally antibacterial and certified organic soapnuts, hemp oil soap, and cleaning cloths.

Having a background in archaeology and anthropology, it set me asking, ‘What did people use in the past for washing the hair and skin, brushing the teeth and for household cleaning?

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The Best Natural Cleaning Products for a Nontoxic Home

You can clean your home while maintaining a commitment to the Earth. We provide a range of traditional, natural and above all sustainable products.

Never buy a plastic bottle again. Transform from your tap water with our extremely popular clay water purifying amphoras. Purify, energise and cool your tap water the natural zero energy way.

Laundry doesn't need to contain chemicals or bleaches. You can avoid harsh chemicals in your cleaning supplies. We provide eco-friendly laundry supplies such as organic soaps, natural dyes, and wooden pegs. 

Our bottle brushes are all natural. Never struggle to clean bottles, flasks, thermos flasks, vases, demijohns or decanters again.

Join the revolution and switch to natural plastic free and chemical free cleaning products.

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Pioneering Green Cleaning Supplies

We always look to find the most efficient way to use our natural resources.

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  • 5 Biodegradable Scrubby - 100% Cotton Washing Up Pad | Natural Spa Supplies

    Scrubbing Pad 100% Cotton Scrubby All Surface Cleaning Cloth

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  • Soap Nuts in the UK for Laundry | Natural Spa Supplies

    Soapnuts For Planet Friendly Clothes and Dish Washing, Certified Organic in Eco Bags

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  • british hemp oil soap with wild hemp leaves

    Hemp Oil Soap Cleaning eco friendly, naturally antibacterial, hand friendly

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  • Terracotta Water Purification - red and white amphoras at ruins

    Amphora, urn, pot for water purification, detox, conditioning and energizing

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  • bath and shower natural sea sponges

    Bath & Shower Natural Sea Sponges

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  • wooden pegs on flint wall with moss

    Wooden Clothes Pegs, 20 x Giant Beech Pegs

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  • our selction of natural sea sponges for face care

    Face Care Natural Sea Sponges

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  • wonky sponges sponge seconds images of sponges with label

    Wonky Sea Sponges, Sponge Seconds, Artist Sponges

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Find all the natural products you need

Browse eco-friendly hair products, skin and nail products, and household cleaning supplies.

Begin your journey to a greener future.

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Natural Spa Supplies Cleaning Bundle - Eco-Friendly Products Design by Mafost Marketing

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