Cosmetic Makers

While Rhassoul Clay, Argan Oil and Alum are perfect for the body as they are and they can easily be adapted and personalized at home, these products also make the most versatile of ingredients for a wide range of products. What is more all of these ingredients are friendly to sensitive, trouble-prone and allergy-prone skins. Natural Spa Supplies can provide these 100% natural ingredients in wholesale form to cosmetic manufacturers and other professional users.

Rhassoul clay

Use in its powder form is ideal as an ingredient for soap, cleansers, moisturizers, face packs, shampoo-conditioners, body wraps, ointments, massage media etc. Rhassoul was Ecocert registered as fully natural. Ecocert is the French equivalent to the Soil Association.

Rhassoul can be mixed with:

Dried ingredients such as dried yogurt, honey, sea salt, kelp, powdered herbs and spices etc.

Water based ingredients such as floral waters, herbals infusions etc.

Oily ingredients such as argan oil, other base oils and essential oils.

Argan Oil

Ideal for the delicate facial and neck skin, as well as the hands and nails, brings moisturizing, protecting and skin optimizing properties to moisturizers, night creams, anti-wrinkle and anti-aging products, make up removers, lip balms, nail and hair conditioners.

Blend with other oils and essential oils.

Volcanic Alum

Provided in granulated form, this ingredient is ideal for a safe and extremely effective deodorant, aftershave, insect bite relief, or toner. Natural Spa Supplies only imports volcanic alum from a fully traceable source. It is not the same as alum B.P. which is more likely to be processed from industrial by-products. Customers who are normally allergic to deodorants as well as customers who report excessive sweating tend get along well with volcanic alum.

To make a spray or roll-on, dissolve the granulated alum with water, floral water, dried ingredients.


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