March 26, 2009

What on earth is Earth Hour?
26th March 2009

Mrs Everybody has made an unpredictable diversion to get involved in Earth Hour. What on earth is Earth Hour? Mrs Everybody please explain!
Well, in all honesty, I only found out about this event yesterday, and it was only because a very sorted lady, Kathryn sat next to me in an IT training session. Yes, I have a lot to learn – like how to get my comment boxes working! Kathryn and I had some rapid conversations when we got the chance (probably while the ins and outs of comment boxes was being presented) and she asked me how I was celebrating this Earth Hour?

Participate in Earth Hour by turning off you lights at 8.30pm Saturday March 28th 2009
Participate in Earth Hour by turning off you lights at 8.30pm Saturday March 28th 2009


On Saturday 28th March, this Saturday, it is hoped that at least billion people will turn off their lights for at least one hour at 8.30pm as a signal that across the world people want effective and unified political action on climate change. The Global Climate Change Conference of world leaders in December will determine official government policies against global warming, replacing the Kyoto Protocol. It is the chance for the people of the world to make their voice heard. The votes, whatever they reveal, will be taken to the world climate change talks in Copenhagen in December.

Your contribution is only counted when you register on the website and when you cast your online vote and of course follow this up with your own action:

Leave lights on for no political action
Turn lights off as a call for political action

The Earth Hour movement started in Sydney in just 2007 with 2.2.million voters. Last year it went global with 50 million participants and the movement has possibly reached the point of critical momentum. It is hoped that more than 1 billion people will vote this year to take action on climate change. Ban Ki-Moon, the UN General Secretary has invited everybody in the world to participate. Please vote before Saturday March 28th!

The Earth Hour website gives suggestions for what you might do in the dark with your friends or alone and a chance launch a report, blog, video etc. Please e-mail your friends and let them know.

Notes: Book in for the IT seminar again to find out about comment boxes!
Thank Kathryn.
Get ready for 8.30pm this Saturday.

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Hello, after my degree involving Archaeology and Anthropology and lecturing for 8 years, I founded Natural Spa Supplies in 2007, an award winning eco business which specialises in pure products straight from nature for washing and cleaning.
When I am not working, I am gardening, playing folk music on the concertina and harp. I am also the village tree warden - growing trees from local tree seeds to increase local biodiversity. I hope you will join me on my eco adventures.

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