Hair care can be tricky and there are all sorts of products out there that promise to deliver the goods, only to leave your luscious locks looking a little on the drab side. We all want healthy, beautiful bouncy hair, of course, but all too often this can prove elusive… which can be very frustrating indeed.

Brushing your hair can also cause damage if you’re not careful and it’s important that you’re being as gentle as you can when trying to get knots and tangles out at the end of each day. It’s also important that you use the right kind of brush or comb and some materials are infinitely superior when it comes to hair care than others.

There are all sorts of benefits associated with horn combs, for example, and they’ve been used for centuries to help keep hair lovely and healthy – in large part because they’re made from keratin, which is the same protein that our hair and nails are made from.

You may well find that brushing your hair regularly with a horn comb can help unclog your follicles, keep your hair looking and feeling cleaner, help with split ends, stimulate blood flow in your scalp and exfoliate the skin, as well.

The natural oils in your hair will also be distributed more evenly if you massage your scalp with your comb on a regular basis. And if you often find that you’re struggling with flyaway or frizzy hair, a week or two with a horn comb could see your woes disappear altogether.

Those of you concerned about hair loss will also be pleased to hear that, for some, the use of horn combs has actually helped with baldness issues, as well – and because of the way the combs are constructed, they also pull out far fewer hairs when you use them in comparison to a plastic comb or hairbrush.

There are different combs available based on what you need them for, as well as how long your hair is, so it’s simply a matter of seeing which one is right for you. And you can even find tiny versions of them so you can keep your moustache and beard lovely and tidy, as well. They’re also suitable to be used on very fine baby hair!

To use your new comb, start by combing your hair at the ends so you can find any knots, using your fingers to gently untangle them. Work your way up the shaft of the hair until you’ve got rid of all the tangles, then use long strokes from the scalp down to the very tips of your hair. You can also use the comb to massage your scalp.

Horn combs should last you for the rest of your life, but take care of them by washing them every now and again in warm water and then drying straightaway.

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