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April 13, 2010
Our block of alum crystal
Mr and Mrs Everybody’s volcanic alum deodorant

Mrs and Mr Everybody have been busy doing research on alum, a common ingredient used through the ages in the wool, paper and leather trades as well as in food, water and medicines. Nowadays alum is best known by consumers as a deodorant ingredient and it is the subject of many sweaty discussions on the Internet. Some journalists proclaim its wonders and other implicate the aluminium contained in alum deodorants it in the development of Alzheimers disease and breast cancer. Mr and Mrs Everybody wish to add some new points to the debate. Go for it Mrs Everybody.

It all started about four years ago when I proudly presented the yet-to-be Mr Everybody with a crystal deodorant stick made from ‘ammonium alum’ which I’d bought in a health food shop. The deodorant was promoted as pure natural mineral salts. We both thought, ‘This is neat!’ as we rubbed this rock under our arms. However, after a few months they didn’t seem to work so well. Mr Everybody’s under arms started to become itchy and then he suddenly discovered raw patches of skin in his arm pits and a rash spreading across his chest.

We stopped using the deodorant and I searched for the traceability of the key ingredient, ammonium alum on the Internet, expecting to find the sources of the natural ammonium alum mines. No results appeared. I continued to try over the next few days using the most creative of search terms. Still no ammonium alum mines. Not accepting defeat, I switched to using French search terms and the artificial source of ammonium alum became clear on the French web domains, as did the sources of natural volcanic alum … So may I present you with:

You will be glad to know that we have managed to source volcanically formed alum and Mr Everybody has made a complete recovery. His sensitive (or should I say sensible skin) has not reacted since he has been using the volcanic alum.

About the Author Sally Mittuch

Hello, after my degree involving Archaeology and Anthropology and lecturing for 8 years, I founded Natural Spa Supplies in 2007, an award winning eco business which specialises in pure products straight from nature for washing and cleaning.
When I am not working, I am gardening, playing folk music on the concertina and harp. I am also the village tree warden - growing trees from local tree seeds to increase local biodiversity. I hope you will join me on my eco adventures.

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  1. I bought an Alum Crystal from you at the Colchester Oyster Fayre and I haven’t looked back!

    Even in the middle of summer, working over a hot forge (and an even hotter bronze furnace) I don’t suffer from smelly ‘pits! I might have to buy some for my work colleagues!

    Thanks again!

  2. Hi I use alum on my coldsores I tend to suffer after every event so I thought I would give Alum a go and low and behold it dried up and was gone within 5 days. I normally suffer for 7-10 days. Apply wet at first tingling ( don’t taste to nice) and refresh after drinking eating etc. Great stuff.

  3. Thank you yes alum is used a lot in Sri Lanka.Mens Saloons use it after shaving face….mothers after child birth.Tooth ache etc etc…thanks for sharing cos the new generation listen to internet than to elders.thanks again

  4. It was great to see your stall at the Festival of Life yesterday.

    Thank you so much for this research, I was pretty confused about this whole alum stick thing and not sure where to look for more information.

    I really appreciate this.

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