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Following COP26, you will recognise that the human race plus one million other species are facing mass extinction unless we can get a fast grip on climate change.

Take action now with Natural Spa Supplies: Become an eco champion in your own home by switching to single ingredient, multipurpose body care and household cleaning products.

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Will your journey of discovery begin with our Rhassoul Clay for washing the hair and skin – a shampoo, shower gel and soap replacement?

  • Famous across the world for washing the hair- It leaves the hair soft, shiny and full of body and bounce, with no aroma.
  • Just as appreciated for washing and detoxing the skin and ideal for all skin types including normal, dry, oily skin as well as sensitive skin
  • Buying your shampoo as clay powder, represents the end of plastic shampoo bottles which mostly never get recycled
  • An easy to use product – Just add water
  • Suitable for just about every hair type and for people who use natural hair dyes
  • The clay powder and its packaging are totally biodegradable
  • Safe for off-grid, septic tank, digestors and grey water systems as well as mains drainage
  • Great value – awarded best value shampoo buy Ethical Consumer Magazine
  • Very pleasant to use and great eco credentials
  • Made by the free energy of the earth following the transformation of volcanic ash

Earth grown, volcanically formed Alum Crystal deodorant – the ultimate deodorant, shaver’s styptic and insect bite relief

  • This pure volcanically Alum Crystal and it has many uses.
  • Most popular are the larger sized blocks as deodorants which are sold in pairs.
  • Another option is a set of three smaller chips to carry around for insect bite relief, or for use as a small shaver’s stick.
  • We also stock alum pebbles and powder which customers make into deodorant, aftershave or other products, mostly by adding floral waters!
  • Our alum is made by the free energy of nature using the earth’s energies. We have it collected for us off the desert surface and knap some of the really large blocks into a variety of sizes.
  • Each alum crystal is unique, so there is no plastic tube.

Organic pure floral waters, choose from our selection of premium Rose Water, Lavender Water, Orange Flower water or our raw and pure Witch Hazel?

  • All organic premium steam distilled floral waters with no additives at all.
  • All packed in glass
  • Select from rose water with it delightful rosy heady aroma due to its high content of rose oils – use as toner to improve all skin types by working on micro-circulation and giving the skin a healthy, lively appearance.
  • Lavender flower water from high altitude AOP (appellation d’origine protégée) source. Of all the lavender water we tested, this had the most intense and enduring fragrance. Lavender water induced alpha wave activity in the brain, inducing a sense of calm and mindfulness.
  • Zingy orange (neroli) flower water with it citrus, spicy aroma, perfect for morning cleansing and toning.
  • Or our wild witch hazel, free of added alcohol. Its distinctive aroma, is reminiscent of fresh grass, leaves, camp fire smoke and damp earth. This is the real deal and perfect for oily skin and for making DIY aftershave.
  • Buy as a whole set to blend into your perfect combination.

our organic floral water packed in glass on a dressing table

Multipurpose naturally antimicrobial Hemp Oil Soap? Wash, clean or shave with our versatile traditional British soft soap.

  • The original British soft soap with a multitude of uses. Washing, shaving and cleaning.
  • Made with British hemp oil soap and lye and packed in British made glass jars.
  • Naturally antimicrobial – perfect for hand hygiene and as a natural shower gel.
  • Naturally exfoliating – use with a sea sponge or an exfoliating glove to obtain the smoothest most comfortable skin and reduce reliance on moisturizing.
  • Use for problem spot and acne prone skin.
  • Use for shaving and say goodbye to shaving rash!
  • Use for difficult cleaning tasks: roasting pans, cast iron cookware, the hob, the cooker hood, the oven, pet bowls, bins and other dreaded cleaning tasks.

Or our most popular scrubbies – tough biodegradable, machine washable cleaning pads, made of cotton and stiffened with tree resin. With their zany abstract designs, these scrubbies speed up your washing up and make so much of your housework a breeze.

  • Made form cotton and stiffened with tree resin, scrubbies have pretty much revolutionized housework, speeding up washing up, cleaning the sink, hob, fridge, pet bowls, the bath, shower screen and floors.
  • Machine washable or wash by hand
  • Durable but also biodegradable – after many hours of usage, just cut up the scrubby and bury it. The soil microbes will complete the work of decomposing the scrubby and you will leave no trace. Compare to the ubiquitous yellow sponge scourers which can take hundreds of years to biodegrade!
  • To be honest, everyone should try a scrubby! They make great gifts too, so do consider buying 3 or 5, even if this is your first purchase.

Or clay amphoras to purify tap water? – Make ‘spring-like’ water in your own home and liberate your household from plastic bottles of water.

  • As advertised in the Guardian newspaper, just add tap water and the clay amphora will help to purify the water reducing chloride, nitrates and heavy metals
  • These amphoras energise tap water and increase the alkalinity which makes the water healthier
  • Break free from buying plastic bottles of water, buying plastic water filter cartridges or expensive home installations and the questions about recycling the plastics
  • Available in a range of sizes, 1litre, 2 litre, 5 litre and 7 litre, each amphora can be filled 3 times per day giving plenty of purified water
  • Enjoy fresh clean tasting water with its fresh aroma and do invite your family and friends to do a taste test with you!

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