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Alum Research Summary

1/ There are both natural volcanic sources of alum (potash alum or potassium alum) and synthetic factory produced alums (ammonium alum, potassium alum). Both are used as deodorant ingredients. Another ingredient, aluminium chlorohydrate is used to fabricate antiperspirants, however, we’re focusing on alum deodorants. 2/ Deodorants remain largely ...

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How to Clean and Care for a Bridle, Saddlery and Tack with Natural Plastic and Chemical Free Products

How to clean your bridle, saddle and other tack with natural and chemical free products leaving the leather clean, very supple, flexible and protected. After a friend invited me out horse riding, I thought it only polite to offer to clean the bridle and saddle afterwards, but of course, it would have to be in my eco and natural way. I had come prep...

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Window Washing: Remove Haze and Cloudy Film from Windows and Stop Streaking without Chemicals

Sometimes when you wash windows, they look worse afterwards than they did before cleaning! Does the window look streaky or is there a cloudy hazy film on the window? Streaking is caused by an insufficiency of cleaning or rinsing and the cloudy haze is caused by a mineral build up – The rains leaches minerals off the building which splash of t...

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