Hello, I'm Sally and I run Natural Spa Supplies Ltd. The company sources and provides green washing and cleaning products.

Sally leaping at waterfallIt all started when I washed my hair and body in clay on honeymoon some eleven years ago … the results were astounding and my life was transformed from that moment.  The eco business was born and it has developed a lot since then. I must say … my husband, Scott, helps me massively too!

We provide the most effective,  natural and quite often the most historic washing and cleaning products.

We focus on the unprocessed, raw products of nature, some from volcanoes and others directly from plants.

Nearly everything that we sell has been used for thousands of years, across many cultures … and there is a wealth of experience and recommendations to draw on. It helps that I have a background in archaeology and anthropology!

Both Scott and I use all the products everyday. So yes, we still wash or hair and skin with clay, brush our teeth with tree roots and rub a volcanically formed alum crystal under my arms to deodorize. We wash our clothes and dishes and all sorts of other things with a soapy tree fruit. Not only are these products very effective, they are friendly for all types of skin, even sensitive skin and they will quickly biodegrade.

In 2012/13 our company won a National Eco Award, but the best thing Natural Spa Supplies can do for the environment is to enable us to share our expertise with you.

Natural Spa Supplies - Passionate about Natural Skin & Body Care

Since 2008, Natural Spa Supplies Ltd has helped thousands of people rediscover completely natural washing and cleaning.

“Caring for our bodies is fundamental to animal and human health and wellbeing. The raw products of nature, clay, water, roots, flowers, fruit and oil bearing seeds have always played a major role. While some aspects of sustainable living rely on high-end technology, other aspects can be accomplished using simple means and skills, often observed among traditional cultures.

For washing and cleaning, the unprocessed resources of nature have proven to be the most environmentally friendly, safest, most effective and most enjoyable to use.''

Our National Eco Award

From the moment of inception, Natural Spa Supplies has focused on washing and cleaning products which have minimal environmental impact.  It also makes a great difference that nearly all of our packaging is biodegradable or recyclable. We were so delighted to win the 2012/13 NMTF Eco Award.
Here's our write up after we won the award.

Here's our write up by the NMTF after we won the award.

 About our Natural Skin & Body Care Products

The products are as basic and natural as you can get as they are either,

Natural Minerals

Rhassoul clay - for washing the hair, face and body. French Green Clay - for washing the skin or brushing the teeth. Alum crystal - the most effective natural deodorant, especially for sensitive skin. Pumice stone - to rub the dead skin off the feet

Plant roots, leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds

Toothbrush sticks root - all in one, toothbrush, toothpaste mouthwash. Phenomenally effective especially for troubled gums. Henna, indigo, cassia leaf powder - dye the hair, henna red, black or blonde. Seaweed stem and leaf - add to the bath water to condition the skin and detox, or use as an amazing hair conditioner. Rose water, from steam distilled fresh rose petal - the classical facial cleanser and toner. Soapnuts, a dried fruit - for washing the clothes, the dishes and shiny surfaces including vehicles - all without rubber gloves. Argan oil, a seed oil - the most esteemed anti-aging moisturizing oil for the face, neck hands and nails. Can be used in hair too. Hemp seed oil, the most important part of our naturally antibacterial multipurpose hemp oil soft soap. Used for antibacterial hand washing, shaving, to prepare the skin for exfoliation and for heavy cleaning - traditional flooring, the oven without rubber gloves, etc. There you go, everything you need to make yourself and your home spick and span!

Sharing Natural Body Care Knowledge and Expertise

Sharing knowledge of how to use natural resources for washing and cleaning is a vital part of the company’s mission. To this end, we are continually developing our blog, newsletter on the Natural Spa Supplies website and our presence on social media sites. We hope that you will try these ancient products and experience all of the benefits. We will help you in any way we can! So you are welcome to navigate this website or  if you have questions, do not hesitate to call us on 0800 023 5008 or email us on mail@naturalspasupplies.co.uk