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The wonderful thing about Sally is that she “really believes” in her products, and is very caring. The advice I received was first class and gave me the confidence to go forwards with the clay. I strongly recommend Sally’s products and caring support, thank you!

Steve, Shrewsbury

I've been using the 'natural' mixture of Baking Soda and Cider Vinegar as shampoo and condition on my hair for the last 18 months and I was pretty happy with it. Then I tried the Rhassoul Clay and OH MY.... It is amazing!!!! After the first use, I spent the rest of the day going 'swooooosh'.....'swoooosh' thinking I was in a hair advert!!! ..I will NEVER go back to anything else. Thank you so much!

Just to let you know that I bought my son a lip balm from your stand at the Fayre in December. He has suffered with dry lips for many years, but has found your lip balm to be the best product he has ever tried.

Your products are fantastic. I have been using the Rhassoul clay for some months now and my hair is so much thicker and glossier. I love washing my skin with it too - it feels so silky and natural. The alum crystal is so effective and gentle.

The ionic toothbrushes have totally changed how I brush my teeth. You have helped me and my boyfriend to move towards a chemical free lifestyle. Thank you so much.

I just want to tell you how fantastic I think the alum is. Any other deodorant gives more swollen and aching pits. I would strongly recommend this product for people with sensitive skin.

The soapnuts are marvelous! I use them for 90% of my laundry and where I am with soft water, I have found they last longer than the 3-4 machine washes you say in your instructions. They are very economical and I really love them.

I use the soapnuts for absolutely everything. They are marvelous. I use them for my clothes, the dishes in the dish washer (four at a time as I have very hard water) and I make the liquid for doing dishes by hand and cleaning everything. I even wash my hair in them - I put four previously boiled ones in a sock and rub it into the wet hair.

I am so thankful this morning to receive my latest order of clay and this time trying it with the argan oil. My eczema gets better so quickly and stays away when using your lovely clay 🙂

I used the hemp oil soap today to clean the top of my cooker which has black enamel on it, and any spills leave a white ring - these have disappeared and nothing else has managed to do this!

I am so glad to have an alternative worming for my cat - she does hunt sometimes, and the vet's one seems chemically undesirable. You were right! My cat gobbled up the parasite cleanse with her food!

Thank you very much for sending the hemp oil shaving soap which I used today for the first time. It was really good and I shall certainty be ordering more in a couple of weeks, in the large size. I shall be recommending it to my friends.

I have to say your lip balm is one of the best lip balms I have used. Perfect and it leaves my lips so nourished and soft.

Hi guys I'm an aerospace welder & can vouch for just how well the volcanic alum works as deodorant, great stuff! 🙂

For the first time in my life, my face is spot- free,which goes a long way to boosting my self esteem. My only regret is that I didn't find out about the rhassoul clay and argan oil decades ago! Thank you so much!

I bought an Alum Crystal from you at the Colchester Oyster Fayre and I haven’t looked back! Even in the middle of summer, working over a hot forge (and an even hotter bronze furnace) I don’t suffer from smelly ‘pits! I might have to buy some for my work colleagues! Thanks again!

I would like to say that the Hemp Oil shaving soap was amazing, I could not believe how smooth it felt using it. It felt so good that I became skeptical about the soap. I thought maybe it was all in my head but after using it several times I am sure it the soap. No irritation + amazing glide. It did not irritate my skin especially my oily and sensitive skin. Thank you for the amazing natural product will definitely buy another one and recommend.

I have used the rhassoul clay now and am very impressed with the results on both my skin and hair and also my children's skin - My 7 year old boy likes the way the 'mud soap' makes his skin feel soooo soft!

I mixed up the clay as shampoo and used it this morning although I only had time to leave it for 10 minutes. I must say my hair felt really nice and looked brighter too - since it is all a whitish grey colour it can look dull sometimes. As for the itchy scalp - I haven't felt the need to scratch all day! Fantastic.

I met you on Sat at the Green Fair and bought the clay, savon noir and alum crystal. I just wanted to let you know that the intense skin treatment has almost completely removed my dry, flaky skin and replaced it with soft, smooth skin again! Fabulous! I've just bought more products from you as I am very impressed. Thank you very much for spending the time on making these amazing products available to us here in the UK

Yes both I and my husband got on so well with the savon noir for shaving!!! We love it and i did borrow some clay from Evie too. It's fantastic stuff - my husband really noticed a difference in his skin having used the natural soap and its really unusual for him to admit that something is great!! So I'll be buying the works off you as soon as I get some cash!!

Wow! I just wanted to pass on my comments re my recent order. The comb is a great success. My daughter can now for the first time, and believe me EVER comb her own hair without tears or a tantrum. She is so pleased with her comb that she stores it safely in her grandad's handkerchief, a real good buy for me and her.

Thanks very much for those magical products. It was really exciting unwrapping the parcel. I'm very encouraged to discover a company like yours that is selling these traditional and fairly traded products.

Thank you for sending me the Rhassoul so promptly; I have used Rhassoul for years but used to buy it in France where I come from. Great stuff! I would also like to mention how nice it was to receive a hand written note; it felt so much more personal! Many thanks for a great website too; it was easy to order, and the product details were good. Long may you continue!

Even though have only used the clay on my legs a couple of times, I have really noticed they are not so dry - its a miracle powder! Now I just hope the argan anti-aging properties its stuff! So far I love it!!!

I have been using Rhassoul Clay and Argan oil for only three days. After thirty years of acne and skin problems and using hundreds of pounds worth of commercial spot treatments, this had an immediate noticable effect on my skin in combination with manual exfoliation (glove). My skin is moisturised without being greasy and more importantly,not irritated and itchy which made me want to scratch, which only made things worse. My teenage son has also been impressed by it's effectiveness in such a short space of time.

I felt a new beginning when I used your Rhassoul and will never buy shampoo or soap again for the body. Thanks to you both.

Last year my husband purchased a small crystal to help him relieve any itching with insect bites as he is a gardener. He recently had cause to use it twice and said it was brilliant. Thank you so much.

The amazing thing about Rhassoul is that after just one application my skin became much more radiant, no dry patches and itchiness. Argan oil is a great replacement for moisturizer, I just apply a few drops and I'm done. I haven't touched E45 since then:)) Even my mum noticed how much my skin improved.

The clay was.... Amazing!!! From the moment I put it on my hair to when I washed it out! I have type 4c kinky, coily hair and I used the clay as a deep treatment. As soon as I put the clay on my curls just sprung back to life. I am officially tossing away the shampoos! I am very pleased with the clay and your customer service. I will be sure to order some more when this batch finishes.

I just want to say thank you for the brilliant products and lovely service. I love the henna, the colour is great after leaving it on only a couple of hours and my husband is really pleased with the hemp oil shaving soap and alum. It is also so nice to have a little hand written note with my order. Can't wait to try some of your other products! Thanks again!

Jo, Buckingham

For those, that sometimes find shaving a chore, I highly recommend using Hemp Oil cleaning soap.
It has reduced my weekly shaving down from four times to only twice, leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean and more importantly....prolongs the use of the same blade more than a commercial product.
Thank you for creating this wonderful natural product


Sean Emmerson

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