toothbrush of wood with natural bristles

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This traditional toothbrush of beech wood with natural boar bristles makes tooth brushing truly pleasant. The bristles are soft and yet they seem to grip the tooth surface while cleaning them, quite unlike nylon counterparts and they are ideal for cleaning the gums safely. With two toothbrush sizes, adult and child, everyone can enjoy gentle and effective oral hygiene.

adult and child wooden toothbrushes with natural bristle heads

adult and child wooden toothbrushes with natural bristle heads

Yes, the whole toothbrush is biodegradable and will not add to plastic pollution, but their main virtue is in the properties of the natural boar bristle used in the head construction.

These bristles feel completely different in the mouth to conventional nylon bristles – they are gentle on the gums and this is so important  as the gums are delicate tissues.

The bristles have a much higher degree of friction than nylon bristles and they seem to not just brush, but as it were, drag plaque and biofilm off the teeth.

We have been using these toothbrushes with homemade toothpaste made from our ultra-ventilated green clay (finest grade for tooth brushing) and it is totally delightful!

If you can allow the bristles to dry between use, the brushes will have a longer life. Some people buy 2 at once and use one brush for brushing the teeth in the morning and another brush for brushing the teeth at night, giving the time for the heads to dry between use.

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1 Adult, 2 Adult, 1 Child, 2 x Child

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  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I wish i had discovered these years ago. Gentle on teeth and gums yet so effective at cleaning them. It’s a high quality product, worth the money and they last a long time!

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