pumice, exfoliator, foot scrubber of terracotta clay


A handmade terracotta clay pumice for exfoliating the feet. Easy to grip, use and clean.



Handmade in Morocco in terracotta clay, this ‘pumice‘ or clay exfoliator is especially easy to use and clean. Look after it, and it will last for many years. It gives you a really professional finish.

What is an exfoliator for?

To exfoliate areas of hard skin especially from the heels and feet, to stimulate circulation and to make the skin feel more comfortable. I’m sure it is also very healthy to massage the feet!

Terracotta Clay Exfoliator with Concentric Circles Pattern

Terracotta Clay Exfoliator with Concentric Circles Pattern

Fired terracotta Clay

How do you use a terracotta exfoliator?

Rub gently onto area of thick skin such on the feet and toes, elbows and knees. It is ideal if these areas have been soaked in water. The effect is even better, if soft soap such as hemp oil soap is rubbed on the feet first and left on for a few minutes. If you have not used a pumice stone or an exfoliator for some time, do not try to remove all the hard skin in one go, instead just try to introduce this kind of exfoliation on a regular basis.

How to care for your clay exfoliator

Take care not to drop this exfoliator to avoid damaging bathroom fixtures or damaging the stone. After use scrub the pumice stone with a stiff bristle brush, then allow to dry after use.

It is much easier to remove areas of thick skin with a pumice if exfoliating soap is applied to the area first. The soap separates the dead skin away from the living skin, making pumicing or exfoliating more effective, less ticklish and giving the smoothest, most professional finish.

Terracotta Clay Exfoliator with Linear cross Hatch Pattern

Terracotta Clay Exfoliator with Linear cross Hatch Pattern

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Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

linear cross hatched, concentric circles


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