Shop Instructions

Using the Natural Spa Supplies Shop

As a customer you have three payment options, including the telephone.

1/  Paypal for secure payment using your credit or debit card with just a few clicks. Don’t worry if you haven’t already got a Paypal account, setting one up is easy and next time you will be able to pay with just a few clicks. If you have forgotten your Paypal login details, or don’t want to have a Paypal account, you can pay as a Paypal Guest. It means that you will need to type in your name, address, delivery and payment details. To use Paypal click on the Paypal logo in the checkout.

2/ You can pay using your Amazon account and you will spot the shortcut button to take you through the trusty Amazon checkout.

3/ You can place an order over the telephone and pay by debit or credit card or other acceptable payment method. It is often easiest to order over the telephone if you are new to these kind of products or if you have questions. Tel 0800 023 5008 or 01379 588100

To start shopping, simply browse the items in the shop, add the quantity desired, and then click on ‘Add selected product to cart’ button.

You are taken into ‘Your Shopping Cart Contents’ where you can inspect the contents of your basket, the quantities and the postage. If everything is correct,

1/ You can either return to the shop by clicking ‘Continue Shopping.’

2/ Or you can go straight into Paypal, or Amazon  to pay using their secure facilities.

All Orders

Please check the dispatch address carefully when you place the order. We sent your order to the dispatch address you have provided us with on your order. If you have provided us with a wrong address we can not refund your order or send out a replacement to your correct address. We can only hope that the new occupant rejects the parcel and that it will be returned to us (the sender). It can take 3-4 weeks for the parcel to be returned to us if it is at all. We do notify you when we get the parcel back. Please  just make sure that you give us the correct address from the outset. We don’t insure our parcels unless you specifically ask us to.

You are then sent an e-mail confirming you order and a receipt from Paypal or Amazon.

If you experience any difficulties while placing the order, please just telephone on 0800 023 5008 or  01379 588100 where we will be able to take payment over the telephone. If we are not available, then please just leave a telephone message or send us an e-mail requesting a call back and we will get in touch with you as soon as we can.

If you think that the shop is not working probably, please do call or e-mail us – we’d like to put it right!

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