Hello, thank you for joining us at Natural Spa Supplies Ltd. We are the UK’s leading Ethical and Natural body experts. All of our product base is driven by our knowledge and research of archaeology and anthropology. From this we are proud to present the most extensive range of ancient and natural washing and cleaning systems possible, promoting the use of natural, often raw or minimally processed earth and plant resources. We also personally use everything in our shop and with absolutely no cheating!

Make Colloidal Silver Antibiotics

26 Sep

Mrs Everybody has been making her own silver antibiotics. She thinks that it would be very useful for you to know how to do this too.  While it might seem like quite a ‘big’ project, having silver water in your  medicine chest and knowing how to use it, gives enormous peace of mind. Being able […]

The Toothbrush which Grows on Trees

15 May

Lately Mrs Everybody has been getting truly prehistoric and cleaning her teeth with the famous toothbrush stick or chewing stick. This stick turns into a toothbrush and it also releases its own toothpaste and mouthwash too. Not only is this one of the very oldest forms of hygiene in the world, but test after test […]

Bare Handed Washing Up

07 Feb

Mrs Everybody used to be allergic to washing up, well, to be precise, her body was sensitized to conventional washing up liquid. As there is no dish washing machine in sight, Mr Everybody gallantly did mountains of washing up, day after long day. Then eventually, Mrs Everybody had an idea… she tried washing up with […]